Goodbye 2015 (and Good Riddance)

2015 turned out to be a pretty eventful year for me — and NOT in a good way. Many sucky things happened. My husband and I faced some HUGE challenges, and endured the absolute WORST and SCARIEST period of our entire lives. I do not want to relive that, ever.


In an effort to move forward into the new year with some new perspective — tabula rasa and all that — I thought it might be prudent to do a new year reading. Instead of going for the month-by-month spread that I did last time, I decided to use a spread I learned from a friend when she used it for me years ago. Decks in action: Raven’s Prophecy and Earthbound Oracle.

New Year Reading | Raven's Prophecy Tarot & Earthbound Oracle

New Year Reading | Raven’s Prophecy Tarot & Earthbound Oracle

SPIRIT: Personal Development & Transformation
(Four of Swords & Release)
The hand lays open, release is evident. A sense of relief emanates from these two cards. By allowing myself to take a break, I’ll be able to release whatever’s been holding me back.

FIRE: Passion, Creativity, Inspiration
(Seven of Cups & Reflect)
I have a lot of things that inspire me; a lot of options. If I want to make progress in any of them, I need to reflect on them and decide which one(s) to pursue.

AIR: Intellect, Learning, Communication
(Eight of Swords & Sleep)
Whenever I run into trouble or doubt, I need to remember that I can step away, take a breath, and slow down. Each time I feel like I’m holding myself back, it’s time for me to take a break.

EARTH: Home, Health, Wealth/Work
(Five of Wands & Time)
Getting impatient will do me no good. I need to rise to challenges, knowing that by doing so, my situation will improve in time. Don’t be lazy and pout about working out / cleaning / etc. — just do it, and over time it will become a good routine.

WATER: Heart, Relationships, Inner Development
(The Devil & Travel | Clarifiers: Six of Cups & Achievement)
Make sure to keep the balance between what chains you and allowing yourself freedom. Equal time for nostalgia and achievement will be necessary.

(Nine of Wands & Home)
I might want to default on staying home and defending my position. Better not to.

Step back, step up, step out. It’s time.


Four Faces

Lately, I’ve been worrying about my relationship a lot. It seems silly, especially considering the fact that we got married four months ago. But I can tell that things feel different now than they did in the past, and I worry that my tendency toward emo-weeping sometimes might be causing friction. So, you see, I make myself worry unnecessarily, and then I worry that my unnecessary worrying will cause him to dislike me. Augh! So ridiculous.

Anyway, I decided I needed to do a tarot reading about it. I found a great spread in this list from Tarosophy and pulled out my Wildwood deck.

First, I shuffled the court cards and set out two to represent me and Darling. Next, I shuffled the minor arcana and pulled two cards to represent the past I am coming from, and the past he is coming from. Then, I pulled two more minor arcana to represent the future each of us is moving into through this relationship. Last, I shuffled the major arcana and pulled a card to represent the archetypal nature of our relationship.

Two of Arrows, Knight of Arrows, Nine of Bows

Two of Arrows (my past), Knight of Arrows (me), Nine of Bows (my future) – Wildwood Tarot

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