Goodbye 2015 (and Good Riddance)

2015 turned out to be a pretty eventful year for me — and NOT in a good way. Many sucky things happened. My husband and I faced some HUGE challenges, and endured the absolute WORST and SCARIEST period of our entire lives. I do not want to relive that, ever.


In an effort to move forward into the new year with some new perspective — tabula rasa and all that — I thought it might be prudent to do a new year reading. Instead of going for the month-by-month spread that I did last time, I decided to use a spread I learned from a friend when she used it for me years ago. Decks in action: Raven’s Prophecy and Earthbound Oracle.

New Year Reading | Raven's Prophecy Tarot & Earthbound Oracle

New Year Reading | Raven’s Prophecy Tarot & Earthbound Oracle

SPIRIT: Personal Development & Transformation
(Four of Swords & Release)
The hand lays open, release is evident. A sense of relief emanates from these two cards. By allowing myself to take a break, I’ll be able to release whatever’s been holding me back.

FIRE: Passion, Creativity, Inspiration
(Seven of Cups & Reflect)
I have a lot of things that inspire me; a lot of options. If I want to make progress in any of them, I need to reflect on them and decide which one(s) to pursue.

AIR: Intellect, Learning, Communication
(Eight of Swords & Sleep)
Whenever I run into trouble or doubt, I need to remember that I can step away, take a breath, and slow down. Each time I feel like I’m holding myself back, it’s time for me to take a break.

EARTH: Home, Health, Wealth/Work
(Five of Wands & Time)
Getting impatient will do me no good. I need to rise to challenges, knowing that by doing so, my situation will improve in time. Don’t be lazy and pout about working out / cleaning / etc. — just do it, and over time it will become a good routine.

WATER: Heart, Relationships, Inner Development
(The Devil & Travel | Clarifiers: Six of Cups & Achievement)
Make sure to keep the balance between what chains you and allowing yourself freedom. Equal time for nostalgia and achievement will be necessary.

(Nine of Wands & Home)
I might want to default on staying home and defending my position. Better not to.

Step back, step up, step out. It’s time.


What is Coming Still

As a continuation of my notes from the readings I did with friends a few weeks ago, here is my 2014 Year Card and Year Spread. Some interesting things within.


2014 Year Reading

We did readings for ourselves, drawing one card for each month of the year. They did theirs clockwise. I did mine counter-clockwise to match my internal synesthetic calendar. :P Below are the quick notes I captured on paper while doing this spread. I’m not going to add a bunch of additional explanation or analysis here, because I just am too emotionally exhausted to do so. At least, what I have here is my notes, which is what I really wanted anyway.


(click to see this much bigger)

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What is Here and What is Coming

During the holidays, my regular tarot collage group decided to take the opportunity to have a night full of tarot fun, instead of studying a single card like we usually do. We’d gotten to the end of the court cards (we’ll pick up with pips in the new year), so it seemed like the perfect timing. We did a variety of different spreads and things to see what’s up for us now and in 2014. I took a bunch of notes that night, but I thought I’d collect them all here, since this is my main tarot journal, really.


Sacred Path & Medicine Cards

My friend had these interesting decks, both created by Jamie Sams and inspired by Native American sacred teachings.

My Sacred Path and Medicine Cards

My Sacred Path and Medicine Cards


Sacred Path Card – 20 – Counting Coup (Victory)

  • assured victory
  • a personal victory is in the works
  • perhaps conquered a long-time opponent
  • acknowledgement of right action
  • rewarded for your chosen path
  • share your victory/bounty! (reminder that victors always take care of the elderly/enfeebled/etc.)

Well, I was all over this card, naturally! It was especially refreshing, since my nature is to seek what is right, and to seek acknowledgement that I’ve chosen correctly. I like knowing that I’m right (:P) and for others to recognize that as well. I don’t like to be arrogant about it, though. Honestly, my goal is for the best and most accurate knowledge and choices, not *to be right*.

Medicine Card – 44 – Hummingbird (Joy)

  • hummingbird – connected to black sun (???)
  • hummingbirds awaken the medicine flowers — pure joy
  • hummingbird feathers are used in love charms, are said to open the heart
  • you love life and its joys, and you bring people together
  • you constantly journey toward your ideal
  • you instinctively know/recognize the essence of beauty
  • you disdain ugliness/harshness
  • you energetically embrace the highest aesthetics — beauty is the target
  • your mission is to spread joy (or be destroyed)
  • you experience the joy of living and share that with those around you

Another very positive card, and accurate in many respects. I’m not really the “life of the party” but I do like to bring joy and beauty wherever I am. It is VERY true that I constantly seek my ideal, beauty, and the highest aesthetics (perhaps, sometimes, to an annoying degree for those around me). It’s not that I’m vain or superficial about looks (if you’ve met me in person, you can attest to this, I’m sure), but I don’t like unnecessarily UGLY things or BAD DESIGN.

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Lifetime Cards

I finally got my own copy of Who Are You in the Tarot? and it has been wonderful! While I’ve known my soul card (Strength) for a while, this book takes it much deeper and shows me my entire “constellation” within the tarot. I find it both frustrating and typical that my personality and soul card would be the same, and also that they would land on a number whose card is debated. While 8 could be either Strength or Justice, I decided to stick with Strength. Partly because this is how I have always known my card, but also because the book goes with the assumption that 8 = Strength.

VIII Strength

Personality Card: 8 – Strength
The Personality Card indicates personality characteristics that you develop easily and lessons that you learn early in your life as they seem to resonate with your essential nature

Soul Card: 8 – Strength
The Soul Card shows your soul purpose: those qualities in yourself that you must express and use in order to feel fulfilled in whatever you do

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