Seeking Direction with a Personal Compass

So many things keep me busy these days that this blog doesn’t get nearly as many updates as I’d prefer, but my daily draw today (The Hermit) told me to take some *me time* — and I intend to do just that. Tarot seemed like the perfect solution, seeing as my Linestrider deck arrived today. AND I finally got a chance to catch up on my dear friend’s triumphant return to tarot bloggery: la reine de l’air!

Well, she did a full moon reading inspired by Kayla’s reading, which used Little Red’s very lovely looking Personal Compass Spread. At first, I thought to myself, “Personal compass? Probably not a spread I can use at the moment, but I’ll read her post anyway, of course.” And then as I was reading it I began to realize that a compass is exactly what I need right now!


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The Year Ahead (A Month or so Late)

Hello, internet!

It’s been a while since I posted on here (you don’t even want to know how many drafts I have sitting there half finished. Why do I have to have so many things I want to do and so little time with which to do them all?!). So, before I get to the reading, I probably need to give you a bit of a… My Life update.

  • My husband finished his degree in December — huzzah!
  • He landed a pretty fantastic job — huzzah!
  • This job requires that he spend 6 months in training … in another country!
  • When he returns, we will have to move, and we don’t know where yet.
  • He left last week, and my life has been a whirlwind since… well, since January, really.

Now, the tarot part of this post…

I decided I needed to do another spread for the whole year, like I did for 2014. People say that it’s hard to do predictive readings like this, and while I generally agree, I do feel like the spread I did for 2014 was helpful, and so I wanted it again for this year. Yes, I am aware that it’s already halfway through February, but I don’t care. [Decks used: Prisma Visions & The New Tarot]

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Cards and Cats and Crunchies

At my weekly tarot collage group, we’ve started ending the night with these awesome group readings. If someone has a question, they ask it, and everyone else shuffles, draws a card, and reads for the person. I absolutely LOVE this, because I think we all get so much out of it. This past week, I wasn’t going to ask a question, until the main thing plaguing me lately just kind of burst out of my mouth.

“I can’t believe I’m getting a tarot reading about my cat.”

Yes. My cat has been especially confusing and annoying lately, exhibiting some perplexing new behavior and demanding my attention. So I wanted to know if there was actually a serious problem, or if she just wanted more attention. Lo and behold, my friends had some very helpful answers.

radiantrw_pageswords collective_death Radiant2Pentacles

These are the cards my friends drew. They were very perceptive and right on target.

Page of Swords: A message. Yes, the cat is trying to tell you something!

Death: My friend saw this and immediately suggested that the problem is with my cat’s food. And when I looked at the card, the first thing that jumped out was the snake shape, which made me think of intestines…

Two of Pentacles: My friend says the cat needs more fun, so I should play with her more. This card also suggests balance, pointing back to the Death card and the food situation.

How ridiculously accurate.

All I told them beforehand was that my cat was bitching at me all the time, but I don’t know why. So the food answer was a big neon sign for me. I’ve had suspicions that there’s a problem with her food, especially since she’s been pooping outside her litter box lately (which is something she has NEVER done in her 12 years of life).

I’d been giving her special food for a while now, to cut down on allergens, since she’s so damn itchy (damn high maintenance cat). For a while I was alternating between dry food (which I call “crunchies” cause I think it sounds funny) and wet food, but lately I’d gotten lazy with the wet food and hadn’t been giving it to her as much.

This reading suggests I need to stop being lazy and give her more wet food. So when I got home from the tarot meeting last night, I gave my cat a can of the good stuff and she immediately gobbled it down. And since I am going for a bit of balance here, this morning I gave her some crunchies. She glared at me, refused to eat it, and bitched at me some more. Eventually, I gave in and replaced it with more wet food.

We are definitely on to something.

I have to admit that I felt rather silly asking the cards for answers about my cat, but I was very encouraged by the results, and got a lot of confirmation about things I already kind of knew in my heart. I love that even in situations like this, tarot can provide answers.

The fact that she flat-out refuses to eat the crunchies now is worrying. It could possibly be a problem with her teeth, but I’m hoping not, since the rest of the clues point elsewhere. Which means, she likely has some sort of digestive problem (like mother, like cat-daughter?). Which means, as soon as I get back from our trip to Ireland, I’ll likely be taking her to the vet. I hope it’s nothing serious.

And if all goes well, I might be adopting a playmate for her, since I know she’s been lonely lately, with my husband and I gone so much.

Wish me luck.

2013 New Year Reading

Yeah, so I’m slightly late on this but whatever. It’s a new year, so I’m wont to do a new year reading and see what advice I can follow for the next 365 days.

First off, my card for this year is (9 + 24 + 2013): 12 The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man

Guess I’m in for a year of practicing things I’m good at (haha, ohhh you!): self-sacrifice, patience, surrender, and looking at things from different perspectives. Well, some of these things I need practice with, and others I’d like to get less practice with. Heh. Well, 2013, here’s to you.

I’d like to go a bit deeper, naturally, than just the one card for a whole year. I found this lovely new year spread in the TABI Tracker newsletter. Decided to use the Sun and Moon Tarot for this one.

New Year Reading for 2013 - Sun and Moon Tarot

New Year Reading for 2013 – Sun and Moon Tarot

1. What worked for me last year?Queen of Swords
Being sharp and decisive, using intellect and intuition to solve problems. I have to agree. It’s usually what works best for me, in most situations. I had fallen away from this path somehow, but found my way back (thanks in part to my husband). It feels good.
2. What didn’t work for me?The Sun
What, trying to be, like, sunshiny and optimistic and stuff? El-oh-el, tarot. I dunno what else to say about this one. Er…
3. What can I take from the last year?King of Pentacles
Be responsible, reliable, and confident. Welp, okay then. That’s my usual M. O. at any rate. So, continue to be reliable. Indeed, indeed.

4. How should I start this year?The Fool
Well then! Sounds good to me, and really I didn’t have any other plans anyway. Just step forward with pleasant optimism. Okay.
5. What should I look for?Six of Pentacles (Success)
Don’t I always, though, look for success? Yes, yes I do.
6. What should I concentrate on?The Empress
Ohh, indeed. Time to focus on my feminine.. stuff. Tis true, that my feminine self needs attention. Good to know that I have a whole year to concentrate on her. :) (Coincidentally, my well woman checkup is tomorrow, the 2nd. Heh-heh.)

7. This year will be a year forQueen of Wands
Ohoho! This Queen of Wands, she keeps showing up, all the time. All the TIME, I tell you! Looks like I’ll need to practice being savvy and collected and clever and all that. *Conspiratorial wink*
8. This year my angel will beTwo of Pentacles (Change)
So, I’m not exactly sure what these angel and devil cards are supposed to represent exactly, but apparently my angel will be this. Change, says Sun and Moon. Balance, says my intuitive self. Balance is always my quiet savior, in any case, so if it wants to be my angel this year, that feels rather appropriate.
9. This year my devil will beTwo of Cups (Love)
And so, my devil will be love/attraction? Not exactly sure why or how. Does this mean I will be especially tempted by love, or especially frustrated by love? Or… something else? Er, I just don’t know.
10. And to beat that devil I mustAce of Pentacles
I must… seize the wealth, health, and abundance that’s just sitting in my hand, ready to be grabbed? Interesting. And also still, confusing. How does one beat love with… money? Hrm. Hrm. Pursed lips.

11. From where I’m standing now the year may bring meNine of Pentacles (Gain)
Well, this is quite true, really. Especially for the immediate future. I’m looking toward a hefty tax refund, some money from a clinical trial, career advancements, et cetera, et cetera. May 2013 bring me abundance and success! (Isn’t that always the goal?)

Coincidentally, my card for today was the Ace of Pentacles. Looks like I’m off to a brilliant start. ;D

Making a Choice

My husband has the opportunity to go out of town this weekend (with friends) and pursue something he’s very interested in, but he was having trouble deciding whether or not to go. This evening, he and I did a tarot reading about it and got some clarification. He decided it would be in his best interest to take the opportunity and go (this is also what I thought would be a good idea for him).

Then, he posed the suggestion that I could come with him. I had expected to stay home, because they’re leaving tomorrow (Friday) morning and I hadn’t planned to take the day off from work. I was immediately resistant to the idea of joining them, but I also want to give the idea some thought. While the short-notice of spontaneity is difficult for me, I don’t want to make myself miss out on what could be a fun time. Thus, now I am doing a reading for myself. Same spread, same deck, same question!

Joie de Vivre Tarot

Joie de Vivre Tarot

1. The nature of / how I feel about option 1 (staying home): The Hermit
3. Consequences & drawbacks of option 1: Two of Coins, reversed
5. Rewards & positive aspects of option 1: Ace of Wands

Staying home would obviously be a chance for me to be the recluse that I am at heart. A great opportunity to enjoy my alone time. Possible drawback: not knowing what to do with myself. (I do often do this. When I have alone time, I have so many things I want to do that I end up not getting to do any of them to a satisfactory level.) Possible reward: This is also a chance for me to have a creative breakthrough and actually pursue a project to a satisfactory level. Sounds about right, really.

2. The nature of / how I feel about option 2 (going with him): The High Priestess
_______Clarifiers: Four of Wands | The Hanged Man, reversed | Six of Wands
4. Consequences & drawbacks of option 2: King of Cups, reversed
_______Clarifiers: The Heirophant | Ten of Coins, reversed | King of Wands, reversed
6. Rewards & positive aspects of option 2: Queen of Coins

Going with him (them) would give me a chance to quit being a recluse for a bit. I’d get to spend time with friends, step out of my element for a while, and possibly attain a victory! (The event he’s going to is a pro tour qualifier for Magic: the Gathering. If I go, I could participate and potentially win the envelope.) Possible drawback: There’s a chance I won’t play as well as I should and therefore lose (or lose to following the rules when others are ignorant) and end up in a sour mood. Possible reward: I could win the money, baby!

7-8-9. Advice: Ten of Swords | Knight of Coins, reversed | Seven of Wands
_______Clarifiers: The Magician | The Devil | King of Swords

“Move upward and onward and allow nothing to hold you back.” Delays, poor planning, lack of imagination. Stand your ground, be prepared to meet any challenge that comes your way,” … You’ve got the skills to get what you aim for. Face down your fears and choose your own path. “A shift in perspective will allow you to see things with added logic and clarity.”

Final Question: But what about work? Ten of Cups | Page of Wands | Two of Wands, rev
If I enjoy my abundance and go on this adventure, I’ll lose some momentum with work. Well, DUH, TAROT, THANK YOU. I guess it all boils down to whether or not I’m okay with losing a bit of momentum at work. Hrm.


So basically: I really want to stay home and enjoy the comforts of being a hermit, but I should probably take this chance to go on an adventure and enjoy myself. Funny, this is really similar to the answer my husband got from his reading. If he’s willing to stretch himself, shouldn’t I also be willing? Of course, he doesn’t normally work on Fridays… >_<