Seeking Direction with a Personal Compass

So many things keep me busy these days that this blog doesn’t get nearly as many updates as I’d prefer, but my daily draw today (The Hermit) told me to take some *me time* — and I intend to do just that. Tarot seemed like the perfect solution, seeing as my Linestrider deck arrived today. AND I finally got a chance to catch up on my dear friend’s triumphant return to tarot bloggery: la reine de l’air!

Well, she did a full moon reading inspired by Kayla’s reading, which used Little Red’s very lovely looking Personal Compass Spread. At first, I thought to myself, “Personal compass? Probably not a spread I can use at the moment, but I’ll read her post anyway, of course.” And then as I was reading it I began to realize that a compass is exactly what I need right now!


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Making New Friends – Part 3

Since I basically can’t stop myself from buying new decks these days, I’ve decided to do a round three (and trust me, there will be more) of Irmata’s Deck Interview Conference Call (see my first one here and my second one here). This time, however, I’m going to add a couple new things. I’ll be looking at themes and visual similarities among each group of cards (each question), and then at the end I’ll look at any themes that arose for each individual deck.

My guests for the reading are:


Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me. :)


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[Temperance | Page of Swords | Page of Pentacles | Strength]

  • Let’s combine our forces and calm the troubled waters of your heart.
  • I am here to serve – ask!
  • I am here to teach – listen!
  • I am your inner voice, your inner strength — watch.
Themes: learning/eagerness (pages), calming hearts (Temperance, Strength), 11 (pages, Strength)
Visuals: I love the repeating colors and poses. Green & facing left/down & holding something round |neutral & straight on & holding a horizontal line-shaped object.

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Making New Friends – Part 2

I’ve gotten so many new decks recently that I thought it was high time I did a round two of Irmata’s Deck Interview Conference Call (see my first one here). I liked this spread so much the first time around, that I think I might do it on a regular basis, every time I’ve got four decks I want to get to know. To be quite honest, I’ve actually got EIGHT new decks right now, but this post will focus on four, and I’ll meet and greet the others next time.

My guests for the evening are:

  • Hirajeta Tarot (acquired from a Kickstarter project a while back)
  • McCullough Tarot (acquired from some local artists. I’ve used it a bit, but no formal introduction.)
  • Animism Tarot (my long-awaited deck from Jo!)
  • Wooden Tarot (a set of Majors-only — plus Aces — acquired from another Kickstarter project)

So, here we are.

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me. :)


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animisn | Wooden
[2 of Cups | 9 of Swords | 2 of Wands | Magician]

  • Let’s commune together and create a deep connection.
  • Finally, I can stop worrying if you’d ever talk to me again!
  • Yay, you’ve finally taken me out to play! Let’s have some fun.
  • I look forward to working my magic with you.

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Soul Searching with Soul Gifts

Once again, I’m following in Irmata’s footsteps. She did a reading on her soul gifts, inspired by a couple of posts about soul gifts and how soul gifts can also be personality flaws by Anna Sayce at Psychic but Sane. After seeing her spread, and reading those posts, I knew that this was what I’ve been seeking for a while now.

I’ve felt a bit lost. I know I should be pursuing some purpose, some… thing (as Ace Ventura would say), but I just can’t seem to snatch it from the ether, you know? I need direction, but until now, nothing really seemed exactly right. Now, however, I think I have my first step in the right direction with this reading. I’ve decided to follow Irmata’s initial spread and then break it down further with clarifying questions.

Soul Gifts reading - Darkana tarot

Soul Gifts reading – Darkana tarot

Because I’m digging so deep with this, I don’t expect many visitors to read the whole thing, but that’s fine. It’s mostly for me anyway, eh? I used Darkana for the main spread and Joie de Vivre for the clarifiers, because it just felt right.
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