I’m part of a local group that gets together weekly, discusses a tarot card, and then everyone makes their own tarot card — collaged from random magazines! This page is where I keep all my cards.

Major Arcana

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7 thoughts on “Collage-My-Own-Tarot

  1. Oh holy crap, these are so awesome! How amazing is it that you not only found a group of fellow tarot-lovers, but that you all make collages together to make new cards?! EEE! Of course now I totally want to make my own cards… but where will I ever find the time?

    • I know, I feel so grateful to have found such an amazing group of people! It’s been so much fun. :) And yeah, never enough time. I have ideas swirling for like 3 different decks, but no time to even think about planning them!

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  3. What fun! I’d love to connect with local Tarot enthusiasts (tried once, but it didn’t go anywhere). But like Leanne said, where will I ever find the time? Love these cards, especially the ones with the ghostly figures (Temperance and the Star)

    • Thanks, D.D.! I loved that I found those two images and they matched as well. It’s so cool to find synchronicity among the cards I made, since each one is basically an experiment in spontaneity and serendipity! I’ve been really lucky to find this group of people where I live, and I make it a point to attend as many collage tarot classes/meetings as I can, because it’s enriching for me in so many ways. I wish every tarot reader could have a group like this!

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