More with Name Cards

There’s so much to do with name cards – I didn’t even know! The numbering techniques used to determine my Destiny & Inner Thoughts, Outer Persona, and Destiny cards go even deeper. I was then able to use the values to look at each card within each of my names (first, middle, last), and used them to find cards that correspond to the whole of each of my names (first, middle, last). Again, I decided to do this with all three names I have used in my lifetime. There is, indeed, some repetition here.


First – the name I was given at birth.

VII The Chariot   VI The Lovers   X Wheel of Fortune

My First Name (Conscious Self) – The Chariot
Ambitious – high achiever. Striving for balance, self control, yet ultimately – triumph. Courageous, moving confidently toward goals.

My Middle Name (Hidden Self) – The Lovers
Full of love to give. Wanting to love and to be loved. *wistful sigh*

My Last Name (Social Self) – Wheel of Fortune
Rolling with the ups and downs of the given situation. Sigh, so, so true.

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Name Cards

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying Who Are You in the Tarot? – if you don’t have this book yet, I highly recommend it. Tonight I’ve been learning about my name cards. The systems are too much to explain in a blog (and just one more reason you should buy the book!), and I don’t plan to share my full (real) name on here, so this might be rather cryptic.

First I did this with the full name I was given at birth.

XI Justice   XII The Hanged Man   XIV Temperance

My Desires and Inner Motivation CardJustice
(All the vowels in your name, converted to numbers, added up and reduced to a Major Arcana value.)
How fitting, that! Being a Libra, my life is all about balance, justice, and rightness. This card rings so true that I don’t even have to analyze it any further than this. What do I seek? Balance and justice.

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Lifetime Cards

I finally got my own copy of Who Are You in the Tarot? and it has been wonderful! While I’ve known my soul card (Strength) for a while, this book takes it much deeper and shows me my entire “constellation” within the tarot. I find it both frustrating and typical that my personality and soul card would be the same, and also that they would land on a number whose card is debated. While 8 could be either Strength or Justice, I decided to stick with Strength. Partly because this is how I have always known my card, but also because the book goes with the assumption that 8 = Strength.

VIII Strength

Personality Card: 8 – Strength
The Personality Card indicates personality characteristics that you develop easily and lessons that you learn early in your life as they seem to resonate with your essential nature

Soul Card: 8 – Strength
The Soul Card shows your soul purpose: those qualities in yourself that you must express and use in order to feel fulfilled in whatever you do

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