New Collage Cards!

I know…

I’ve been WAY too absent, but life has been so hectic I barely been able to keep myself together. I’ve even had a few things I’ve wanted to to readings about but right now I can’t even remember what they are — only that I know they are still unresolved. Ouch.

In any case…

I’ve been in a bit of an artistic groove lately, which as been quite satisfying. I’ve got some new ideas for backs and additional textures for my collage cards. We’re starting a whole new round soon, beginning with The Fool! I’m excited to get a whole new start on a new deck, now that I’ve had over a year to practice!

On that note…

I’ve finally gotten off my arse and added a BUNCH of new cards to my collage page. When studying the pips, instead of focusing on one card each night, we studied each number and attempted to make all four of that particular pip in one night. The first few were easy — I got all four aces and all four twos in one night, but as things continued, that got harder and harder to maintain.

I also missed a few nights, so I didn’t get to make the fives or tens (even though I had some ideas for a few of those already), but I’ve added the ones I did make for the threes, fours, sixes, sevens, eights, and nines!

So without further ado…

You can see them all on my collage-my-own-tarot page, but here are a few of my favorites.

Six of Pentacles - 02/21/14 Seven of Cups - 02/28/14 Nine of Swords - 03/14/14


Daily Draw Stats for 2013

As a reminder from last year: I am a huge nerd and I am way too interested in statistics. I love compiling lists and spreadsheets and then collecting statistics from those lists and spreadsheets and then creating pretty-looking charts and graphs with the information. Since I’ve been tracking daily draws on a calendar since late 2011, I thought it would be a cool idea to compile some spreadsheets and charts and stuff, with which to see if any trends appeared.

Since I’d already created all of my spreadsheet and graph templates for the 2012 stats, collecting my information every day in 2013 was super easy! And at the end of the year, I had all my charts and graphs already made and waiting for me to put them in a post! Why did it take me so long to publish this post then? Well, you see. I am busy. And strangely, since there was actually less work involved this time, it didn’t seem quite as exciting. WEIRD.

First, some general observations

Page of Cups - 09/07/13

My collage version of the Page of Cups

  • Card drawn most frequently: Page of Cups
    • Drawn 12 times in 2013
    • Concentrated in September – December
    • Drawn mostly on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays
  • Card drawn least in 2013: Four of Swords (I did not draw this card ONCE in 2013!)
  • There was not any card that appeared every single month.
  • There was not one card that appeared on every single day of the week at some point throughout the year.
  • There was not one weekday on which every single card of a particular suit was drawn at some point throughout the year.

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Revisiting 2013 Goals

At the beginning on 2013, I set some goals for myself  (yes, goals, not resolutions). So I thought it would be nice to revisit them now and see how well I did at keeping these.


Life Enrichment Goals

1. Go out once a month.

  • Going to the Mayan exhibit at the museum (January)
  • Going to a Lindsey Stirling concert (February)
  • Nothing (March) – boo!
  • Roller skating (April)
  • Comicpalooza (May)
  • New Orleans + Weird Al Yankovic book signing (June)
  • Nothing (July) – boo!
  • Dallas for fun & games (August)
  • Nothing (September) – boo!
  • GO TO IRELAND!!! (October)
  • Nothing (November) – boo!
  • Winter Storm Adventure in Dallas (December)

I think 8 our of 12 months is pretty good, considering how busy our schedules were to begin with. And yes, that winter storm road trip to Dallas TOTALLY counts, even though it was technically just travel for a Magic event. It was unlike anything we’ve ever done or (hopefully) will do again!

2. Take some kind of dance lessons with my husband. We totally failed at this. :(

Health & Body Goals

1. Exercise at least once a week, for at least 30 minutes. Hahaha, um, this so did not happen on any sort of regular schedule. I tried, but it was not consistent.

2. Meditate for 10 minutes every day. I did this pretty consistently for the first 4-5 months, then dwindled, only using it occasionally.

Creative Goals

1. Post weekly on my book blog. Succeeded, without a doubt. I’m still consistently posting close to daily, or at least 4 times a week.

2. Post weekly on my tarot blog. Hah. So this did not go according to plan, but I do think I posted more frequently — and at a higher quality — than I’ve done in the past. What I have learned is that I can’t force myself into a schedule when it comes to tarot blogging. I did publish 57 posts this year, which is technically equivalent to more than one per week, so. There’s that.

3. Bake something interesting once a month. This definitely did not happen. I did bake more often, and chase some more creative baking ideas than I had in the previous year or so, though. Again, it comes down to time and energy. Plus, I was more caught up in other creative projects this year instead of pastries.

Recreational Goals

1. Read 60 books by the end of the year. Okay, so I read 120 instead. WHAT.

And if there is time, I would love to…

2. Complete 3 (or more) of the video games in my backlog.

  • To the Moon
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Bayonetta
  • Chantelise
  • Shira Oka
  • Civilization V
  • Myst

(I also completed many other games that were added to my catalogue over the course of the year. Woot.)

3. Finish reading one visual novel. Sigh. I wanted to do this so bad, but I just didn’t. It IS on my goal for next year, though.

4. Play an awesome RPG. Definitely did this one! Tales of Vesperia, plus others I can’t even remember right now.


So it looks like overall, I met about half of my goals. Some were utter failures, and others were somewhere in the middle. Not bad, especially since it was a LOT of goals, and some of them were dependent on my husband.

Will I be setting a new list of goals for 2014? We’ll see.

Where the Heck Have I Been?

I haven’t been very active around here in a while, but I have actually been doing more tarot stuff (and more fulfilling tarot stuff) than I have in the past. I do have several ideas and drafts and things that I want to explore on this blog, but I just do not have enough time in my life to do all the things I want to do. So here’s a few random updates about tarot and me.

Tarot Collage Fun

Knight of Cups - 9/14/13

Knight of Cups – 9/14/13

Ever since I first discovered that group, I’ve been attending at every opportunity. I’ve missed a handful of weeks in there, but I have now made 16 tarot cards of my very own! I absolute love this class, and I’m really glad they decided to start delving into the court cards (and eventually all of the pips!) instead of sticking to the Major Arcana.

Every week I learn something new, and it’s such a great chance to commune with other like-minded people and have some fun creating art! I feel like I’ve definitely gotten better at — and more comfortable with — the whole collage thing, even if I’m not completely satisfied with every card I make. The most recent card I’ve made is the Knight of Cups, which you can see over there to the right. Check out my Collage -My-Own-Tarot page to see all of the ones I’ve made so far.

Building My Collection

The Wooden Tarot

The gorgeous, gorgeous Wooden Tarot

Aside from creating my own tarot cards, of course I can’t help but keep acquiring more decks! Since I last checked in, my collection has grown from 12 to 16 decks. As I reblogged a while back, the Animism Tarot deck I’d been watching Jo work on for years now is finally complete! I purchased it immediately, and I absolutely love it! I also bought the Dreaming Way deck because a friend from the collage class had it and I loved the illustrations so much I just needed to have it for myself.

I also love to back tarot Kickstarter projects (when the price is right), and my latest acquisition is the Wooden Tarot. Normally I don’t like to go for the Major Arcana Only decks, but the art was so lovely that I couldn’t help myself. Plus, she included the Aces, so that’s something. Aaaaand as an awesome surprise, one of my online BFFs sent me an early birthday care package last week, with a book and a tarot deck! She sent me the Archeon Tarot, which is the one she uses so I’m excited to try it out more.

Oof, and I almost forgot about the Color Your Own Tarot deck that Irmata basically FORCED me to purchase! That’s FIVE new decks I’ve acquired recently! Take a look at my Collection page to see them all.

(Erm, not to mention the Amanda Palmer deck I backed on Kickstarter recently. I’m not a huge AP fan, but this seemed way too interesting and special to pass up.)

I know what you’re thinking.

None of this has actually really explained where I’ve been, so um, oops. Look, my life is just ridiculously busy. And now that I’ve been off The Meds (well, not all of them, but a specific drug) for several months now, my muse has actually returned! So now that I’m coming awake again, my brain is kind of overflowing with inspiration and IDEAS and projects and THINGS I WANT TO DO. I have lists and drafts and scribbles and notes EVERYWHERE so I can try to keep up. It’s awesome and amazing and it feels so good. I’m just trying to hold onto the reigns and do what I can with it.

There will be much more coming from me, eventually. No idea when, though. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go try to cross some more things off my list before the Muse adds 5 more things to it.

[Also, I just noticed there are mice in both of the cards I included in this post!]

Making (and Knowing) Death

This past weekend, I went to my little tarot fun collage party again, and this time we worked on Death. It was another night of interesting discussion and fun! Have I mentioned how much I love being able to get together with a whole group of people who read tarot? It is truly inspiring and comforting all at once.

Our 6 different interpretations of Death

Our 6 different interpretations of Death

At Death night, one person was saying how each time we work on a card, their whole week seems to revolve around that card, and proceeded to share some things that had happened throughout the week. Surprisingly, this week has had some Death in it for me, too.

I have been doing my best to think like The Hanged Man, since it is my year card for 2013. I’ve been hoping that seeing things from a different perspective will open up new avenues for solving some of the problems I continue to have. I am pleased to report that today I have had a breakthrough (or two)!

It all started with a Death.

Today my daily draw card was Death. When I saw it, I said a little “heh” (thinking about the tarot collage card) and went about my day. Little did I know that my daily draw card was going to manifest itself much more powerfully than almost any other has before.

(I’ll try to make a long story short. Cross your fingers.)

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