Behind the Witch Shop Tarot

Today I have Anna visiting with me on the blog. She is the creator of Witch Shop Tarot and I asked her to write up a guest post to talk about her creative process for this deck. I hope you enjoy what she has to say. Check out her deck on Etsy and follow Witch Shop on instagram!


Witch Shop Tarot – The Whole Package

The Witch Shop Tarot Deck originated from compulsive drawings I was doing at a time when I didn’t really know what to draw. I’d recently begun learning tarot and I was dealing with a kind of creative-block in my personal artistic practice. So I started drawing the Tarot as almost just something to do with my hands. Over the course of the evenings for a few weeks the deck came together and I decided to have it printed up.

Witch Shop Tarot

The Sun & The Lovers | Witch Shop Tarot

I made the drawings for the Witch Shop Tarot all entirely by hand, in sharpie marker. The immediacy of the sharpie drawing was important to me, it made sense with the simplicity of the design. I wanted the deck to have a certain energy and immediacy.

The deck is digitally printed, so the computer did enter the project eventually. But I like that the beginnings of the deck were lo-fi and analog.

While making the deck I wasn’t exactly hunting out images to draw inspiration from. I like looking at the illustrations on vintage decks, but for this deck I was mainly interested in a straightforward, symbol-based design. That being said, I can definitely draw connections to stick and poke tattoo aesthetics, and simplistic, minimal design.

-Anna from Witch Shop



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