All Kinds of Tarot Updates

Since it’s impossible for me to keep this blog up-to-date (I mean, don’t even believe that my Collection and Wishlist pages are accurate), I figured an update post would as least be nice.

I’m addicted to buying new decks.

Decks I’ve acquired in the past year:

I love making my own cards, too.

I’ve also been busy making more collage cards with my lovely group of tarot friends, and I FINALLY got around to updating my Collage-My-Own-Tarot page. It now has slideshows for all of the cards, since it was getting really cluttered with images. Some of my favorites:

02 - High Priestess - 5/16/14 06_Lovers_071114 16_Tower_110114

I also love reading tarot for people!

I’ve been reading for friends here and there over the past year, and it’s fulfilling every single time. I basically ALWAYS read with two decks now. I learned this trick from my old friend Irmata, and it’s a technique I’ll probably never drop. What I love about it is that you can combine decks for different kinds of readings. I always have a main deck, then I choose a pairing. The pairing could be an oracle, another full deck that will add a different perspective, or — my new favorite — The New Tarot, because it’s a whole new extension to the original deck. I seriously freaking LOVE IT.


2 thoughts on “All Kinds of Tarot Updates

  1. These are marvelous, how do you find all these decks?? I’m ‘following’ your blog but for some reason your posts have not been showing up in my “Blogs I Follow” page. I’ll try unfollowing and re-following to see if that will fix it. Love those cards you did!

    • I find them all over the place! Periodically, I will search for “tarot” on Kickstarter and keep an eye on any of them that look interesting. I’ve also found a handful on instagram, just by seeing pictures of decks that other people post!


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