The Year Ahead (A Month or so Late)

Hello, internet!

It’s been a while since I posted on here (you don’t even want to know how many drafts I have sitting there half finished. Why do I have to have so many things I want to do and so little time with which to do them all?!). So, before I get to the reading, I probably need to give you a bit of a… My Life update.

  • My husband finished his degree in December — huzzah!
  • He landed a pretty fantastic job — huzzah!
  • This job requires that he spend 6 months in training … in another country!
  • When he returns, we will have to move, and we don’t know where yet.
  • He left last week, and my life has been a whirlwind since… well, since January, really.

Now, the tarot part of this post…

I decided I needed to do another spread for the whole year, like I did for 2014. People say that it’s hard to do predictive readings like this, and while I generally agree, I do feel like the spread I did for 2014 was helpful, and so I wanted it again for this year. Yes, I am aware that it’s already halfway through February, but I don’t care. [Decks used: Prisma Visions & The New Tarot]



January – The Heirophant & The Wanderer

This month was all about soul searching, preparing for the upcoming journey. We may not have adhered to traditional religious anything, but we found our own spirituality, meditation practices, etc.



February – The Hermit & Nine of Tomes

A lot of self isolation, learning and studying and soul searching. Being alone and feeling lonely, but trying to make the best of it.



March – Strawberries & Two of Masks

I suppose this means that March will be filled with surprises, possibly pleasant, but that we will have to be on the ball about which face we show the world. (I swear, every time I use my Prisma Visions or Light Visions deck, I forget to remove the Strawberries card, and it comes up in the reading!)



April – Two of Swords and Ten of Keys

All the cards are on the table now, and we might be feeling a bit indecisive. We have the keys, so we can choose how to use them… we just need to make a decision.



May – Ten of Swords & Eight of Masks

God, this really does not look like it’s going to be a fun month at all. Too many false faces. Too many lies or betrayals or something. If you suspect that someone is lying to you, they probably are.

Seeking Clarification

I wasn’t very happy about my interpretation of these cards, so I asked for some different interpretations from friends. I liked theirs much better.

Interpretation #1: I would say that the cards are saying to let go of your masks. You wear masks to try and protect yourself, to try and appear strong when all this negativity is facing you, and yet life keeps stabbing through you with all these problems anyways. Masking your emotions and hiding from the world will not help you. Life will still cause pain. You have to take your masks off and accept these feelings you have and your current situation before you can feel a sense of peace.

Interpretation #2: enough is enough. Time to go forward with what scares you before you lose it all.



June – Two of Pentacles & Knight of Masks

Juggling responsibilities and navigating some troublesome paths.



July – Nine of Chalices & The Hearth

A wish coming true. A cozy, comfortable home. (I’m hoping this means that we will get our wish and he will be placed at a company where we currently have a home, so we can stay here and I can keep my job!)



August – Page of Chalices & Ace of Keys

Love springs anew, and it’s armed with the key to our future. He is COMING HOME and it will be emotional, and he will be a badass!



September – Three of Wands & Four of Masks

Setting down new roots and watching them grow. New roles to play, getting used to all the faces we wear in a given day.



October – The Chariot & The Chronicle

We’re rolling with a powerful momentum, beginning the next chapter in our story.



November – King of Chalices & Seven of Tomes

A strong emotional center, surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. This sounds like the best combination of mental/emotional strength and clarity!



December – King of Pentacles & King of Tomes

Basically, he is going to reach the culmination of his badassdom. Master of his finances AND master of knowledge. THANK THE GOAT GODS.



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