The Spiritual Power of Empathy (Review)

In my other life, I read and review a LOT of books, which means I’m a member of NetGalley. When I saw this book come up in my radar, I knew that it was something I needed to read, so I sent in a request and it was granted! Thanks again to Llewelyn Worldwide for providing this galley free of charge and allowing me to review an early copy of the book.


The Spiritual Power of Empathy by Cyndi DaleThe Spiritual Power of Empathy: Develop Your Intuitive Gifts for Compassionate Connection
by Cyndi Dale
Coming: October 8, 2014

My Rating: ★★★★

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For some the empathic gift provides insight and inspiration, but for others empathy creates feelings of confusion and panic. The Spiritual Power of Empathy is a hands-on training course for empaths, showing you how to comfortably use this often-unrecognized ability for better relationships, career advancement, raising children, and healing the self and others.

Join popular author Cyndi Dale as she shares ways to develop the six empathic types, techniques for screening and filtering information, and tips for opening up to a new world of deeper connections with the loved ones in your life. Also includes important information for dealing with the difficulties empaths often face, such as being overwhelmed in a crowd.


This book really called out to me because for a long time I have been struggling with the overwhelming feelings I get from empathic data on a daily basis. I’ve found it difficult to distance myself from the emotions emanating from strangers nearby, and even harder to differentiate between my feelings and those of people close to me. I sought out this book, hoping to gain some wisdom and guidance for creating boundaries and learning to better interpret the empathic information I receive.

My expectations were met — and exceeded.

Cyndi Dale clearly knows her stuff when it comes to recognizing, processing, and dealing with empathic data. This book goes into detail about the six different types of empathy, and how they might affect us in our daily lives — whether it be in our own personal issues, in relationships, or at work. The book includes charts and worksheets to help you determine the strength of your own empathic gifts, and then provides a series of practical and very helpful exercises that can help you use, strengthen, and recognize these gifts in your everyday life.

Though some of what this book talks about goes a bit too deep into the spiritual realm for me, I still find most of the advice within very applicable to my situations. It has helped me recognize my gifts, the ways in which I’ve been having trouble with them, and I’ve already begun to use the tools and exercises provided in this book to build boundaries and help recognize which feelings are mine and which are not.

This is one book that I will definitely want to add to my physical shelves, because I know I will want to refer back to it time and again. I’m really grateful to have found a book like this, especially during a point in my life when I really needed some guidance in the area of empathy. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about empathy, understanding others, and/or understand their own feelings.




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