365 Tarot Spreads (Review)

In my other life, I read and review a LOT of books, which means I’m a member of NetGalley. When I saw this book come up in my radar, I couldn’t resist, and I requested a copy of this book. Thanks again to Llewelyn Worldwide for providing this galley free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.

This book was an excellent choice!


365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day by Sasha Graham365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day
by Sasha Graham
Coming: May 8, 2014

My Rating: ★★★★★
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For many cartomancers, tarot is a hallowed daily practice. Now you can navigate important life choices every day, all year with 365 Tarot Spreads. Featuring spreads for multi-cultural traditions, holidays, rituals, lore, and magic, this daily guide explores a tarot quest for every occasion and helps you discern answers to any question with interesting and magical results. Use 365 Tarot Spreads year after year with spreads falling on every possible calendar date. Each one is based on an important historical, magical, or fascinating occurrence on that particular date in history. This daily guide is concerned with the essential journey to find truth and answers, rooted in every spread with topics from love and money to career and life path. With an explanation of each spread and questions to focus on while reading, you’ll achieve your quest for answers every day.


My Thoughts on the Book

This book is exactly what the title says. It contains 365 different tarot spreads, each one assigned to a particular date, from January 1 through December 31 (including February 29). At first I was a little surprised that they were assigned to specific dates, but once I realized the depth and care taken for each choice, it all made sense.

Each spread is chosen specifically for its date, based on various historical events, holidays, traditions, and more. What I love about it is that it’s clear how much care and thought went into each choice. Every day not only has a spread, but a description of the spread and why it is meaningful for that particular day, along with a quote, and a tarot card whose meaning goes well with the given theme for that day.

I was shocked by the variety of spreads available in this book, even though I knew there were going to be over 350 of them! There are spreads to cover just about any base one could think of:

  • Astrological signs, Planets, Tarot suits, and the Major Arcana
  • Relationships (Happy Marriage, Find Best Partner, Sibling Issues, Divorce)
  • Pop Culture (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mary Poppins, Lovecraft)
  • Health (Diet, Exercise, Healthy Eating, etc.)
  • Interesting Phenomena (Synesthesia, etc.)
  • Career (Unhappiness at Work, Should I Take/Quit This Job?, Advancement)
  • Esoteric (Six Realms, What Does Tarot Mean to Me?, Your Personal Symbol)
  • Holidays (Mother’s Day, Int’l Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)
  • Financial (Investment, Starting a Business, Contracts/Legal Documents)
  • Decision Making (Root of the Problem, Moving, Should I or Shouldn’t I)
  • Psychology (Freudian, Jungian, Jungian Archetypes, Dreams)
  • Pets (Dog, Cat, Pets)
  • Fairy Tales (Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid)

And trust me when I say that there are even more! I really love that this book basically serves as a master list for any kind of tarot spread I could want. If I were feeling ambitious (and I do, occasionally) I would try to work my way through this book, doing the designated spread for every single day. In fact, I had seriously considered doing this for about a month or so before writing and posting my review. But, the thing is, though many of these spreads are fun themes that one could use anytime, many of them are also rather situation-specific. I can’t really do a spread about divorce if I’m not … you know… in that situation? So, I decided against that plan.

But I did try out a few spreads from the book — all of them excellent — and I wanted to share one of them here.


Wisdom of Minerva Spread (March 19)

From the book:

On This Day
Ancient Romans held the Festival of Minerva, goddess of war, wisdom, arts, crafts and sciences, on this day. Minerva is often depicted with a sheath of armor and helmet, her sacred creature is an owl. The Owl of Minerva symbolizes ancient wisdom.

Summation of Spread
Gods, like archetypes, stand as shining examples for us mortals roaming earthy realms. Gods offer us a golden standard, a specialty, a bar to strive for. This spread uses Minerva’s archetype o deeply explore, cultivate and disseminate the roots of your wisdom.

Why I chose this spread

I wanted to choose a spread that was a nice representation of the riches inside this book, without being too thematic (I had considered trying the Peter Pan one). I’m in a state right now where nothing sticks out as needing work, but I’m feeling somewhat frustrated, so I thought this might be a good way to help me calm and focus my mind and spirit. For this reading, I decided to use my favored deck of the moment: Light Visions.

Wisdom of Minerva Spread - Light Visions Tarot

Wisdom of Minerva Spread – Light Visions Tarot

1. What do I see that others do not? (The Heirophant)
The connections in everything. The spiritual, the scientific, the divine, the calculated. I look for connections, for understanding, in everything and so I see it when others may miss it. (Normally I’m not a huge fan of this card, but I really adore the way it’s depicted in Light Visions!)

2. What do I see when I [look] into darkness? (Page of Swords)
Challenges and mystery. This card clearly shows a newbie, just setting out on her journey. She’s armed with a mask and sword, anxious to get moving. A mighty wing beckons her forward, but she’s hesitant to step off the edge of the cliff, into the unknown. Can she trust those butterflies of wisdom to carry her across the chasm to the other side?

3. What do I understand about life? (Knight of Swords)
That unless you face those challenges head-on, you’re not going anywhere. The Knight has finally taken a step off the cliff and toward that mighty winged creature. Knowledge can be a powerful, and sometimes terrible thing, but maybe it’s better to seek it out and understand it — to conquer it — rather than stay ignorant in the dark.

4. What do I understand about myself? (Three of Pentacles)
I’m a hard worker, and I enjoy the peaceful solitude of working on my projects and seeing the fruits of my labor. I’m happiest when things are going smoothly; all the cogs working together to achieve the ultimate goal. I know what it takes to finish my projects and I’m willing to put in the work and the time.

5. What am I here to do? (High Priestess)
Step forward into the next level of consciousness, of knowing, of intuition and wisdom. I love the High Priestess card because she’s all about trusting your instinct and intuition. I really like the illustration in Light Visions, because it shows her clearly taking a step forward, going beyond what’s tangible and moving out of the picture, into the realm of spirit, rather than matter.

6. What knowledge do I carry with me? (Two of Wands)
That moving forward into new territory can be a good thing, even if it might be more comfortable to stay at home. It’s about weighing my options and choosing the right balance. Choosing what works best for me, but also remembering to challenge myself and not stick to my comfort zone.

7. How do I open to receive wisdom? (Strength)
I have to laugh at this card, because — being my soul card — it always hits me in the gut. This card, it tends to show up in the places where it can be both ironic and frustrating. I never really know what it’s trying to say to me exactly, and that’s probably why it keeps showing up in these positions. “Use your inner strength. Just do it already.” Right…

8. How do I free my mind? (Four of Cups)
Another almost hilarious irony here. I order to free my mind, I have to let myself get bored? So helpful! But, um. Maybe this means I need to purposefully push everything aside, so I can see clearly, without distractions? Maybe I need to go sit under a tree, have a glass of wine or four (I kid, I kid!) and let my mind relax? That actually sounds like a fantastic idea.

Jumper! (Four of Swords)
This one hopped out as I was shuffling. Four of Swords has always been one of my favorite cards because it means it’s time to take a nap! This illustration is a bit different from the traditional one, though, and as the shadow for the whole reading I have to look a little bit deeper. Underlying themes? Solitude, focus, calmness. The swirling winds in the background remind to take deep, relaxing breaths as I look inward and seek wisdom from my own self.


In Conclusion

I loved this book, and I’m so glad that I got the chance to try it out early. You can be assured that it’s on my wishlist, and I will be recommending it to every tarot reader I know!


4 thoughts on “365 Tarot Spreads (Review)

  1. Reblogged this on Sasha Graham's Tarot Diva Blog and commented:
    Hi all. I was going to share a March spread from 365 Tarot Spreads but I see that this wonderful writer has already done so. Hope you enjoy the Wisdom of Minerva Spread and here’s to hoping there’s a lovely spring warm up in your part of the world!
    And a huge thanks to Her Sixth Circle for this awesome post!!


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