Daily Draw Stats for 2013

As a reminder from last year: I am a huge nerd and I am way too interested in statistics. I love compiling lists and spreadsheets and then collecting statistics from those lists and spreadsheets and then creating pretty-looking charts and graphs with the information. Since I’ve been tracking daily draws on a calendar since late 2011, I thought it would be a cool idea to compile some spreadsheets and charts and stuff, with which to see if any trends appeared.

Since I’d already created all of my spreadsheet and graph templates for the 2012 stats, collecting my information every day in 2013 was super easy! And at the end of the year, I had all my charts and graphs already made and waiting for me to put them in a post! Why did it take me so long to publish this post then? Well, you see. I am busy. And strangely, since there was actually less work involved this time, it didn’t seem quite as exciting. WEIRD.

First, some general observations

Page of Cups - 09/07/13

My collage version of the Page of Cups

  • Card drawn most frequently: Page of Cups
    • Drawn 12 times in 2013
    • Concentrated in September – December
    • Drawn mostly on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays
  • Card drawn least in 2013: Four of Swords (I did not draw this card ONCE in 2013!)
  • There was not any card that appeared every single month.
  • There was not one card that appeared on every single day of the week at some point throughout the year.
  • There was not one weekday on which every single card of a particular suit was drawn at some point throughout the year.


Suit Distribution

First, I wanted to see how evenly distributed each grouping of the cards was throughout the year. Major vs. Minor Arcana, Pips vs. Court cards, etc.

Daily Draw suit percentages for 2013 Daily Draw arcana percentages for 2013 dd13_courtpercent

Interestingly, these stats are VERY similar to what I had in 2012, with only MINOR differences.

  • The Major Arcana takes up 28% of a tarot deck, so to see that I drew a Major Arcana card 28% of the time is ridiculously exact.
  • The Court Cards take up only about 20% of a tarot deck, so I actually saw a bit more of them than should have been expected.
  • The Pips do take up approximately 50% of a tarot deck, so they seem to be right on target.
  • And once again this year, I saw slightly more Cups compared to the other Minor Arcana suits, although the difference is not quite as large as it was in 2012.

Monthly Distribution

Next I wanted to see how each of the suits were distributed throughout the year. Did I get more of the Major Arcana in one month and less in another? Were Cups more likely to show up in the watery months? This is what I got.

Daily draw distribution of suits by month in 2013

Click to see larger

Now, these did differ from my monthly distributions in 2012. Most noticeably, in May 2012 I saw a HUGE spike in Major Arcana. Not so in 2013. I do think there are few interesting trends this time around, though.

  • The most evenly-distributed month looks like October.
  • The month with the most uneven distribution is probably June.
  • None of the suits seem to have a very even distribution across all the months.
  • There were a few spikes in Major Arcana in January, June, and November.
  • July looks like it’s giving me a big middle finger with Swords!
  • September saw a big spike in Cups (maybe it had something to do with my 31st birthday being that month).

I also wanted to compare purely Major Arcana to Minor Arcana on a monthly basis and see if any trends emerged.

Daily draw arcana distribution by month in 2013

Click to see larger

Looking at it this way, both the Major and Minor arcana seem to be pretty evenly distributed throughout the year. Although it looks like Major fluctuated more than Minor — with a minimum of 5 in July and a maximum of 10 in January, June, and November. That’s a 2:10 ratio, whereas the largest gap in the Minor Arcana is between 20 and 26,

Weekday Distribution

Daily draw distribution of suits by month in 2013

Click to see larger

Overall, this looks like a more even distribution than it was last year. Although Sundays are awfully high on Major Arcana, and Thursdays are extremely low on Swords!


Card Distribution by Suit

This year I’m expanding my “analysis” and breaking it down by suits a bit more. First up, let’s take a look at the overall frequency of Major Arcana cards throughout the year.

Frequency of Major Arcana cards drawn in 2013

Click to see larger

Surprisingly, my most frequent Major Arcana cards were The Heirophant and Death. I’m not really sure if this is significant at all — nothing comes to mind — but I did notice that Death visited during the middle 6 months of the year, while The Heirophant mainly showed up during the “outer” 6 months of the year. Interesting.

Also, I was a bit disappointed to see that my soul card, Strength, once again made very few appearances. I’m not sure why this disappoints me, but it does.

Frequency by Suit – Wands

Daily Draw frequency by suit - Wands

Click to see larger

Well, court cards take up approximately 28% of a Minor Arcana suit, so it’s nice to see that the court is at 29% for Wands. Looks like a I got a LOT of Knights from this suit, and almost as many sevens. Hardly any eights, tens, or kings. Looks like in the Passions (you know, Wands) category, I was moving forward, but not too quickly.

Frequency by Suit – Swords

Daily Draw frequency by suit - Swords

Click to see larger

Wow, so Swords had 9 Queens this year, along with a lot of Aces. And look at that, much fewer sixes, pages, and kings (with ZERO fours). Looks like in terms of intellectual pursuits, I was all about new ideas and working hard on them! Also interesting to note: Swords had the same ratio of court to pips as Wands did.

Frequency by Suit – Cups

Daily Draw frequency by suit - Cups

Click to see larger

Aaaand here we are with the overwhelming number of — not only court cards (38%!) — but Pages in particular. It’s surprising to me that the rest of the cards in this suit don’t really even come close to the number of Pages I got, but the only deep-bottom card is Ace with only one occurrence. So, okay, maybe I was learning to understand my emotions in 2013. And perhaps not exactly mastering them?

Frequency by Suit – Pentacles

Daily Draw frequency by suit - Pentacles

Click to see larger

Again, a pretty high percentage of court cards from Pentacles, although Seven wins with 8 total. Pages and Queens are right behind it though, which is interesting. I mean, generally speaking, 2013 was a pretty good year for me, money/work-wise. A lot of hard work and a few new pursuits.


Court Card Frequency

And finally, I wanted to take a look at how the court cards were distributed throughout the suits.

Daily Draw frequency by suit - Court Cards

Click to see larger

So, much of this is probably already obvious from all the previous charts, but I thought it would be nice to take a look at the Court cards just by themselves. (I can’t help myself, okay? I like making charts and looking at statistics!) So, which suit ruled each card? Surprisingly Cups was pretty high on almost all of them, but they topped both Pages and Kings. Wands ruled the Knights, again with Cups trailing close behind. I love that Swords were my highest Queen — I think she’s my favorite of all the queens!

  • Pages: In terms of fledgeling pursuits in 2013, it seems like my main area of learning was emotionally, taking the focus starkly away from the intellectual. Sometimes I have to force myself to listen to my heart (and body) instead of my brain, and that was definitely something I tried to focus on in 2013.
  • Knights: In terms of finally moving forward with a quest (if you will) in 2013, my focuses were on passions and (again) emotions. As I already said, I was trying to listen to heart more over brain, so that part makes sense. And truly, 2013 was when my muse finally started returning, which definitely shows in the Knight of Wands frequency!
  • Queens: This is really fitting, I think, because in terms of intellectual pursuits, I was feeling rather comfortable and GOOD the whole year. Confident in my skills and knowledge, but still not quite a master. Brains and work most definitely ruled in this area of my life, pushing emotions and passions underneath them (looks like my heart-over-brain idea didn’t stick in ALL areas of my life!). This IS something that has actually come to a bit of a head recently, though, so I’m working on changing that.
  • Kings: Hah, well, hey. Not many Kings in 2013, and pretty evenly distributed among all the suits. Cups and Pents were a bit higher, so I’ll take that as a signal that I have been on the right track in those areas, but could still use work.



Well, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did (I doubt it). Have you charted any stats about your tarot daily draws, habits, or readings for the past year? I’d love to hear about it.

*Fun fact, since this post is all about numbers and stats and stuff: this is the 100th post on my blog!

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