True Stories of Tarot and Strangers

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to read cards for others a couple of times. It’s rare that I get to read for people other than myself, and even rarer that I get to practice on someone who is truly a stranger. Each time, it’s a test of my confidence and intuition, and each time, I come away satisfied and proud.


I. A True Gypsy

One afternoon, I went out to lunch with a couple of friends (N & M). Of course I brought a couple decks with me because whenever N is involved, I know there’s a chance I’ll get to read! After lunch, we ended up moving from the restaurant over to a nearby Starbucks and set outside with our coffees so I could do a reading for each of them.

When we got out to the patio, it was empty, and I deliberately chose a table as far away from the door and the entry area as possible so we could have some measure of privacy. Shortly, however, a group of men came and sat the table right next to ours. My back was mostly to them, so I didn’t really catch sight of their activity, but both of my friends were making comments under their breath about the guys watching us, and joking that maybe they wanted a reading.

My new Light Visions deck!

My new Light Visions deck!

Sure enough, they finally caught my attention, and after some discussion about which languages I speak (English only, sorry), and where I’m “from” (I’m from here, but have ancestry in France/Europe and Africa),they asked if I could do a reading for them and one of the guys would translate. I said sure, and when I was done with my friends, we cleared a space for my new customer and he sat across from me.

This was an interesting experience because there had to have been like 8 guys in this group (all looking like some semblance of Italian mobsters), and they were all in the vicinity, watching with various measures of interest — interrupting to ask questions, or helping translate, or picking on the guy getting the reading. This was really my first time reading for a complete stranger, and the language barrier was another hurdle I had to cross.

In the end, I gave the guy the same advice about three times, using different cards and wording, and all of his friends seemed to know I was right. (The guy was a pickpocket in Europe and was trying to see if he could be successful with that in America. The answer was a very firm NO.) He paid me twice what I had asked for, and they all walked away happy.

One guy came up to me and explained how he’s traveled all over Europe, he comes from gypsies, and he can spot a fake from a mile off (I’m paraphrasing, but you get my point). And he said to me,

“But you. I can tell, you are a true gypsy.”

I took it as a high compliment, thanked him, as I tucked my *gorgeous Light Visions cards* back into their *fancy wooden box*.


II. An Uncanny Resemblance

Two days after the gypsy adventure, I went over to N’s house for another reading. Her friend was in town for her birthday, and N wanted me to give her a reading as a birthday gift. I’d never met this girl before, or at least if I had, I didn’t remember. She was, however, nervous.

To warm up, I did a reading for N. This was a way to show her friend how it goes, and to get everyone kind of comfortable into the “mood” if that makes sense. This reading alone was interesting, because it mirrors a lot of what I read for her several months ago (it’s nice to know I’m being consistent!). Once she’d run out of questions to ask, we turned to focus over to her friend.

My lovely new Light Grey deck! (I didn't use it in this reading, but whatever.)

My lovely new Light Grey deck! (I didn’t use it in this reading, but whatever.)

For this reading, I decided to offer her the chance to use two decks at once. Usually I bring 3 decks with me and let them choose one, but I’ve really enjoyed doing dual-deck readings lately, so I though this would be nice here. She liked the idea and shuffled ’em up. She asked question after question, in regards to her career, her relationship (her new boyfriend was there too, by the way), her relationship with her mother, where things were going with a new friend of hers, etc.

Where it really got interesting with the mother section. By this point, I was quite comfortable and letting my intuition flow freely. I got a very distinct impression about her mother and their relationship and I blurted it all out, having no idea if I was on the right track or not — and everyone was being so silent, I wasn’t getting any cues at first.

“It’s absolutely uncanny. My mother is exactly like that,” she told me once I’d spilled it all.

And when I read about her new friend… again, they gave me nothing to work with. When this happens, I sometimes feel bad when I give them negative feedback or advice to avoid certain people or situations. But again, apparently I was right on the money and was telling her exactly what her boyfriend and others had been saying about this friendship. Very interesting!

In the end, she was thoroughly satisfied. We were all having so much fun that we didn’t want it to end, but nobody else had anything left to ask, so eventually I packed up all my cards and it was over. (When I got home, I found that N had snuck a card into my tarot bag with a nice wad of cash inside that I wasn’t expecting! Twice in one week I’d made money from tarot readings — first time ever!)


9 thoughts on “True Stories of Tarot and Strangers

  1. How fun! I love the first story particularly, I’ve never known men who were interested in Tarot (except online). I’m almost more intrigued about where you live that you’re able to sit outside and do readings right now!! :D I wish I had more opportunity to read for others.

    • Glad you liked my stories! I’ve told that first one a couple of times now and it’s always fun. I guess I’ve been around quite a few men who are interested in tarot, just through my local meetup groups and stuff (although the ratio does swing higher towards women). But it was quite surprising when they asked me for a reading!

      I don’t really live anywhere interesting, just a big city in Texas. And, like I said, I had thought I’d chosen a table with enough privacy for a reading, lol! I wish I had more opportunity to read for others as well. Although, I do feel pretty lucky this past year, getting to practice on quite a few friends and a couple strangers. Are there any local tarot meetup groups in your area?

  2. What wonderful experiences you have shared! I can’t help but be somewhat envious of your first situation. It just goes to show you never know who may be looking for answers – books are best when not judged by their covers. Thank you so much for sharing!


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