Making New Friends – Part 3

Since I basically can’t stop myself from buying new decks these days, I’ve decided to do a round three (and trust me, there will be more) of Irmata’s Deck Interview Conference Call (see my first one here and my second one here). This time, however, I’m going to add a couple new things. I’ll be looking at themes and visual similarities among each group of cards (each question), and then at the end I’ll look at any themes that arose for each individual deck.

My guests for the reading are:


Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me. :)


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[Temperance | Page of Swords | Page of Pentacles | Strength]

  • Let’s combine our forces and calm the troubled waters of your heart.
  • I am here to serve – ask!
  • I am here to teach – listen!
  • I am your inner voice, your inner strength — watch.
Themes: learning/eagerness (pages), calming hearts (Temperance, Strength), 11 (pages, Strength)
Visuals: I love the repeating colors and poses. Green & facing left/down & holding something round |neutral & straight on & holding a horizontal line-shaped object.


Please describe yourself in a nutshell.


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[King of Swords | King of Swords | Ace of Swords | 3 of Swords]

  • I’m a wise and knowledgeable resource. I can guide you gently and with conviction.
  • I may be a bit harsh, but I know what I’m talking about, so listen up!
  • I’m an open book, ready to serve. Take from me what you will.
  • I don’t sugarcoat things, and I may come across as blunt and hurtful sometimes.
Themes: analysis/questions (swords), guidance (kings)
Visuals: swords facing down on the outside cards, facing up on the inner cards


What is your preferred style/type of tarot reading?


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[3 of Cups | 6 of Pentacles | High Priestess | Justice]

  • A collaborative, celebratory endeavor. I prefer a reading with a small group of close friends.
  • A give and take, where we can work together, and you are receptive to my advice.
  • I’m all about tuition and seeking guidance from the divine, trusting yourself.
  • Decisive and willful. I like questions that beg clear-cut answers, I aim for accuracy and finality.
Themes: sharing (3 cups, 6 pents), decision (High Priestess, Justice)
Visuals: 3 Cups and 6 Pents both have a person facing to the side with their hand outstretched to someone. 3 Cups and High Priestess are both women communing with animals. There’s a black cat in mirrored pose on High Priestess and Justice.


And what do you absolutely have no time for?


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[7 of Pentacles | King of Pentacles| 2 of Swords | 8 of Cups]

  • Someone who wants to do all the work themselves. I’m here to help — let me!
  • Someone who thinks they already have all the answers and have nothing else to learn. If you already know — why are you asking me?
  • Indecision and stubbornness. Be willing to accept my advice and don’t fight the truth!
  • Whiners, plain and simple.
Themes: work/study (pentacles), solitude (7 pents, king pents, 8 cups)
Visuals: The first two cards face away from each other, then there’s a confrontation, then nothing but broken pieces left in the end.


What important trait of yours isn’t immediately obvious?


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[Knight of Swords | Emperor | Page of Swords | Wheel of Fortune]

  • I can be quick and witty and eager, even if I am laidback.
  • I’m more like a guiding father than a harsh disciplinarian.
  • I might prefer intuition, but I can be logical and analytical if I need to be.
  • I’m all about fate, so you just have to learn to trust me.
Themes: analysis (swords)
Visuals: Everyone is holding things in their hands and looking straight ahead (in front of them, not necessarily straight at YOU).


How can a reader — especially me — work with you most effectively?


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[5 of Pentacles | Magician | Tower | 5 of Swords]

  • Come to me with nothing but your need.
  • Come prepared; I don’t want to have to walk you through everything step-by-step.
  • Be ready for anything, and keep an positive outlook.
  • Be ready to be dissected and analyzed; I don’t mince words, but I might mince you!
Themes: loss/disappointment (5s, tower), potential destruction (tower, 5 swords)
Visuals: I love the similar color schemes in the 5 Pents and Tower cards. Interesting also how the lines in Magician and 5 Swords seem to mimic each other.


What do you offer in return?


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[Page of Wands | Page of Cups | 10 of Wands | Page of Wands]

  • A renewed vigor, passion, and plentiful ideas!
  • Healing, comfort, and encouragement.
  • I can help ease your burdens.
  • Eager, thoughtful advice — like that of a sister.
Themes: openness/students (pages), passion and movement (wands)
Visuals: lots of fiery orange and red. I like how the line of sight shifts: Page Wands looks up toward Page Cups, who points down toward 10 Wands, who’s looking down at Page Wands look back at him! It’s a nice s-curve, mimicking the shape of the snake.


Anything you’d like to add in closing?


Archeon | DaVinci | Old Path | Wild Unknown
[Queen of Cups | Ace of Cups | 5 of Cups | King of Wands]

  • Together, we can be successful and can lower your stress levels.
  • I’m here to offer a fresh start, a clean slate, a new outlook, when you might need one.
  • Remember: don’t cry over spilt milk — all is not lost, and that is why I’m here to remind you.
  • I’ve got this. ;)
Themes: heart/emotions (cups)
Visuals: I love how Queen Cups and King Wands have a very similar pose, and the Ace Cups and 5 Cups look almost identical! not only are the figures seating and facing down to the left, but in both there’s a cup behind them as well. They’re even wearing similar clothing! Interesting.


Themes for each deck


Overall, it was a pretty even mixture. Two swords, two cups, two pentacles. Four court cards, one major arcana. General attitude seems to be one of eagerness of work things out together.


Another decent mix. Two swords, two pents, two cups, two kings, two pages. Four court cards,  two major arcana, one ace. Seems to have a general attitude of a helpful and caring — but no-nonsense father figure.

Old Path

Three swords, two pages, two court cards, two major arcana, one ace. Not too much repetition. General attitude is one of eagerness to help guide me in the ways of trusting my intuition. I like this.

Wild Unknown

Two swords, two wands, three major arcana, two court cards. General attitude appears to be one of a very direct and honest friend, unafraid to hurt your feelings.


5 thoughts on “Making New Friends – Part 3

  1. The Wild Unknown is the only one of these that I have in my collection, and I think your little ‘get acquainted’ session answers from it were unsurprising. It’s so rooted in nature and the natural world, and nature is not soft and loving. It reminds me of Crowley’s Thoth deck in that respect, definitely no sugar-coating going on!

    • Interesting. You know, Wildwood is also very rooted in nature, and although it is pretty deep and honest… I dunno, I don’t get that same harsh, almost snooty vibe from it like I do from Wild Unknown. This might sound weird, but it’s almost as if Wild Unknown revels in being bitchy to me, lol.

    • Glad you enjoyed this! :) Which deck do you like the most? Honestly I like the art for Da Vinci and Wild Unknown better than the other two, both those ones have harsher attitudes overall! >_<


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