What is Here and What is Coming

During the holidays, my regular tarot collage group decided to take the opportunity to have a night full of tarot fun, instead of studying a single card like we usually do. We’d gotten to the end of the court cards (we’ll pick up with pips in the new year), so it seemed like the perfect timing. We did a variety of different spreads and things to see what’s up for us now and in 2014. I took a bunch of notes that night, but I thought I’d collect them all here, since this is my main tarot journal, really.


Sacred Path & Medicine Cards

My friend had these interesting decks, both created by Jamie Sams and inspired by Native American sacred teachings.

My Sacred Path and Medicine Cards

My Sacred Path and Medicine Cards


Sacred Path Card – 20 – Counting Coup (Victory)

  • assured victory
  • a personal victory is in the works
  • perhaps conquered a long-time opponent
  • acknowledgement of right action
  • rewarded for your chosen path
  • share your victory/bounty! (reminder that victors always take care of the elderly/enfeebled/etc.)

Well, I was all over this card, naturally! It was especially refreshing, since my nature is to seek what is right, and to seek acknowledgement that I’ve chosen correctly. I like knowing that I’m right (:P) and for others to recognize that as well. I don’t like to be arrogant about it, though. Honestly, my goal is for the best and most accurate knowledge and choices, not *to be right*.

Medicine Card – 44 – Hummingbird (Joy)

  • hummingbird – connected to black sun (???)
  • hummingbirds awaken the medicine flowers — pure joy
  • hummingbird feathers are used in love charms, are said to open the heart
  • you love life and its joys, and you bring people together
  • you constantly journey toward your ideal
  • you instinctively know/recognize the essence of beauty
  • you disdain ugliness/harshness
  • you energetically embrace the highest aesthetics — beauty is the target
  • your mission is to spread joy (or be destroyed)
  • you experience the joy of living and share that with those around you

Another very positive card, and accurate in many respects. I’m not really the “life of the party” but I do like to bring joy and beauty wherever I am. It is VERY true that I constantly seek my ideal, beauty, and the highest aesthetics (perhaps, sometimes, to an annoying degree for those around me). It’s not that I’m vain or superficial about looks (if you’ve met me in person, you can attest to this, I’m sure), but I don’t like unnecessarily UGLY things or BAD DESIGN.


Deck of 1000 Spreads

Another interesting deck I’ve had my eye on for a while is the Deck of 1000 Spreads. It has cards in five different categories, and you draw one from each, and put them together into a spread. Then you draw cards from your tarot deck and place them into the spread, and read. It was very interesting, although I felt like my reading was somewhat confusing and frustrating.

The categories are: TOPIC, INFLUENCE, TIMING, CHARACTER, and OUTCOME. Each category has many cards to choose from, each with a focus listed on the top, and explained in the middle. As you can see, my OUTCOME card was purely labeled OUTCOME. -_-

Deck of 1000 Spreads combined with Tarot of the Wild Unknown

Deck of 1000 Spreads combined with Tarot of the Wild Unknown


TOPIC – Card of the Day – The Chariot

Indicates the day’s general energies or what spirit wants you to know. This can be a single-card reading or you can pull follow-up or clarification cards.

Strong will, triumph, achievement. I’ve got victory within my grasp today.


INFLUENCE – Attitude and Thoughts – 6 of Pentacles

Your attitudes and thoughts in regard to the spread’s topic. May also address thoughts you hold toward another *or vice versa).

I’m excited to share my prosperity & growth with those around me. (Truth: I’ve been buying & giving holiday gifts like crazy!)


TIMING – Future – 8 of Swords

Usually placed somewhere to the right of the topic card, this indicates the future state of the situation in question. Timing: one to six months.

Trapped, powerless. (This is also the card I pulled for January 2014 in my year reading, which will be discussed in a follow-up post. Interesting that the timing is 1-6 months from now, and it’s the same card.)

I pulled another card for clarification here: Father of Pentacles. Perhaps I’ll be feeling trapped because people start wanting everything from me, due to my (over)sharing and giving of myself (as described in the previous card)? Perhaps it’s a reminder to hold steady through whatever muck might be coming, and I’ll emerge true (butterfly in the chrysalis, as depicted in the card).


CHARACTER – You – 8 of Cups

This card represents you and the attitudes, energies, or thoughts you hold that help or hinder you in regards to the topic.

A desire to drop it all and walk away. Feeling overwhelmed by all the attention and need/attempts to share with everything.


OUTCOME – Outcome – Justice

Usually placed at the end of a spread, this card indicates how things will turn out if you follow the advice given in the reading.

How appropriate for me, that Justice is my outcome card here. It’s one of my soul cards, and is especially relevant to me as a Libra as well. Whenever I see this card as an outcome, I feel kind of relieved. The same applies here.


JUMPER – Mother of Wands

This card jumped out when I first began shuffling the deck, so I set it aside as a commentary on the spread.

I often see this card when it seems to be a reminder to kind of… stay true to the woman I want to be, and not let others sway me. I can do this.


And there’s more…

We also did a reading for each month of 2014 and figured out our year cards for 2014. I’ve decided to talk about those in a separate post, though, since this one is already getting kind of long, and it’s a nice way to break these things up into groups.


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