Even More (Unfinished) Decks I Want Badly

Sometimes I come across art for tarot cards that is just go gorgeous I choke on my own spit. And then I panic inside because I want the deck so badly and then realize it’s not available. I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately, so I thought I’d post another collection of things I’ve seen around the internet (see my first round of this here, and my second one here).


Untitled Deck by Jacinthe

tarot___moon__wip__by_jacinthe tarot___the_fool_by_jacinthe tarot___wheel_of_fortune__wip__by_jacinthe

This is one I found just randomly browsing and I really enjoy the art style! Looks like these are still WIPs, and the artist doesn’t have too many cards made yet, but I really hope she continues, because I love the look of it so far! See the entire gallery here.


Untitled Deck by Zsofia Dome

tarot___2_the_high_priestess_by_cha0sgirl tarot___5_the_lovers_by_cha0sgirl tarot___15_devil_by_cha0sgirl

I first saw the Death card (picture above, on the right) and very, very intrigued. Then I saw the rest of the gallery and fell in love! I mean, honestly, I would buy this deck in both forms: b&w lineart and the colored version, because HOLY SHIT is it gorgeous or what?! See the whole gallery here.


Untitled Deck by Questing Raven

tarot_series_justice_by_questingraven tarot_series_high_priestess_by_questingraven Tarot_Series__Death_Ink_by_questingraven

I first came across the High Priestess (middle) image and was very intrigued. It reminds me so much of the Two of Arrows in the Wildwood Tarot, and that’s always been one of my favorite cards in that deck. This artist isn’t very far along in a tarot series, but I love this one so much I had to include it here. See the rest of his gallery here.



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