Making New Friends – Part 2

I’ve gotten so many new decks recently that I thought it was high time I did a round two of Irmata’s Deck Interview Conference Call (see my first one here). I liked this spread so much the first time around, that I think I might do it on a regular basis, every time I’ve got four decks I want to get to know. To be quite honest, I’ve actually got EIGHT new decks right now, but this post will focus on four, and I’ll meet and greet the others next time.

My guests for the evening are:

  • Hirajeta Tarot (acquired from a Kickstarter project a while back)
  • McCullough Tarot (acquired from some local artists. I’ve used it a bit, but no formal introduction.)
  • Animism Tarot (my long-awaited deck from Jo!)
  • Wooden Tarot (a set of Majors-only — plus Aces — acquired from another Kickstarter project)

So, here we are.

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me. :)


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animisn | Wooden
[2 of Cups | 9 of Swords | 2 of Wands | Magician]

  • Let’s commune together and create a deep connection.
  • Finally, I can stop worrying if you’d ever talk to me again!
  • Yay, you’ve finally taken me out to play! Let’s have some fun.
  • I look forward to working my magic with you.

Please describe yourself in a nutshell.


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[The Star | King of Wands | 5 of Swords | The Moon]

  • I’m the star of the party, baby! You need hope, you need answers? You come to me.
  • Strong, serious, and wise. I will do my best to guide you, and I won’t coddle.
  • Playful, but dangerous. Keen and sharp. I’m still cutting my teeth.
  • Beautiful and mysterious. I can guide you, but I won’t spell it all out for you.

What is your preferred style/type of tarot reading?


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[Queen of Swords | 10 of Wands | The Emperor | The Empress]

  • Quick and decisive. Don’t consult me unless you are ready act on what I tell you.
  • When heavy burdens are laying on your mind, that is when I am at my best.
  • Readings more focused on male energy; slow and thoughtful; strong and masculine.
  • Make no mistake: I am full of feminine energy. I shine best when it comes to matters concerning women and female issues. I am a wise mother, a guiding light for my sisters.

And what do you absolutely have no time for?


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[5 of Cups | The Magician | The Happy Squirrel | The Hanged Man]

  • Whining. Like I said before, I’m not here as a shoulder to cry on. I’m here to give you advice to act on.
  • If you already have the answers, don’t come looking to me for confirmation. I’d rather not waste my time on things you already know.
  • Nonsense? Nothing? Riddles? I don’t know!
  • A doormat. I don’t want to provide hollow advice, so don’t consult me unless you truly seek guidance to *change*.

What important trait of yours isn’t immediately obvious?


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[King of Wands | 3 of Cups | The Moon | The Lovers]

  • I am full of passionate energy, and can guide you in creative choices, too.
  • I’m joyous and celebratory, even though I come across as serious at first.
  • I can reflect a situation back to you and help remove the shroud of mystery.
  • I seek a deep connection with the reader, a relationship, not just an acquaintance.

How can a reader — especially me — work with you most effectively?


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[King of Cups | Knight of Pentacles | Ace of Swords | Judgement]

  • Take my advice and make the best of it; be ready to drink what I pour into your cup.
  • Approach me as if you are ready to take on a quest, because I will most likely give you one.
  • Open your mind and be ready to act. Take each reading as a new opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Realize that my judgements might be harsh, but I am honest, and I am here to help.

What do you offer in return?


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[The Fool | 3 of Swords | The Lovers | Justice]

  • New adventures, baby! Let’s ride some waves!
  • Comfort, even in the bleakest of moments.
  • A snuggly BFF! ^_^
  • Justice. Always, I will provide you will honesty, balance, and justice.

Anything you’d like to add in closing?


Hirajeta | McCullough | Animism | Wooden
[Knight of Pentacles | 6 of Wands | 10 of Pentacles | The Fool]

  • You and I have the power to go places.
  • Onward, to victory, my friend.
  • Huggles and snuggles and rainbows! <3
  • Best of luck on your next journey.


Again, this was a lot of fun. It always surprises me to see the repeated cards (this time: Magician, Moon, King of Wands, The Lovers, The Fool, Knight of Pentacles).

Hirajeta didn’t surprise me much. I just don’t think I get along well with its attitude, and that’s probably why I have yet to do much with that deck. It does seem like a good choice in certain situations, though. McCullough slightly surprised me, but overall I think its answers were very true to the heart of the deck. Same with Animism — it’s no surprise that this deck is full of youthful, playful energy.

Wooden Tarot was my favorite, though. The whole deck glistens like a deep, mysterious, moon goddess. I can’t wait to commune with this deck again!

Also, I love-love-love that the preferred style of reading question yielded both an Emperor AND an Empress! It felt so… balanced. :)


4 thoughts on “Making New Friends – Part 2

  1. I love your deck interviews :). McCullough is a beautiful deck! I just ordered the Secret Tarot from Lo Scarabeo….it’s not the kind of art I’m typically drawn toward, but I’m intrigued!

    • Yay, I’m glad someone is enjoying this! Would you believe it took me a solid two hours to do this reading and prep the entire post? O_O

      I really enjoy the artwork on the McCullough deck, too; I’m so glad I found that hidden treasure! I see a couple of different decks called Secret Tarot on the Lo Scarabeo site — which one did you order? I’m guessing the one by Marco Nizzoli?

      • Yes I enjoy them AND I actually wondered how much time it took you! Just the organization and scanning of the cards themselves takes time. But I’m glad you did it, so I could read it :)
        Yeah, I think my Secret Tarot is the one by Marco Nizzoli – it’s kind of gothic? Maybe one more week and it should be on my door step!! :-D

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