More (Unfinished) Decks I Want Badly

Sometimes I come across art for tarot cards that is just go gorgeous I choke on my own spit. And then I panic inside because I want the deck so badly and then realize it’s not available. I’ve been seeing a lot of this lately, so I thought I’d post another collection of things I’ve seen around the internet (see my first round of this here).


Untitled Deck by Sceith Ailm

tarot__the_hanged_man_by_sceithailm tarot__death_by_sceithailm tarot__temperance_by_sceithailm

I think I came across the Death card during a random image search for the Death card. Apparently this artwork is heavily inspired by The Lord of the Rings, which is much more obvious in some of the other cards. Isn’t the artwork just incredibly gorgeous and fabulous?! It looks like, so far, she’s only gotten up to The Devil, but I really hope that eventually she makes it through all 78 cards, became DAMN. (See the whole gallery).


Untitled Deck by Poisoncage

tarot_card_3__the_empress_by_rannsama tarot_card_9__the_hermit_by_rann_rann tarot_card_8__the_justice_by_rannsama

HNNNNNGGGG! I mean! oh my god, just LOOK at this artwork! I am SUCH a sucker for anime artwork and this is just fantastic. Okay, I’m kind of cheating with this one, because apparently she’s selling the Major Arcana, but it appears she’s working on the Minor Arcana and hasn’t gotten very far yet. SO. (YES, I pre-ordered it!) If you want to see more, check out her gallery, or you can pre-order the Major Arcana here (English or Italian available).


Cerebium Tarot by Hedrick CS

cerebium_tarot_2___the_high_priestess_by_hedrick_cs cerebium_tarot_13_death_by_hedrick_cs cerebium_tarot_19___the_sun_by_hedrick_cs

I aboslutely LOVE this art style, because it feels like these characters are just climbing right out of a (very rich and imaginative) Japanese video game. I freaking… I want EVERYTHING about this. I want the deck. I want it to be a video game. I WANT IT ALL! Apparently the cards go along with a novel the artist is working on, called Cerebium Sparks. I WANT THAT TOO. (See the gallery here.)


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