Cards and Cats and Crunchies

At my weekly tarot collage group, we’ve started ending the night with these awesome group readings. If someone has a question, they ask it, and everyone else shuffles, draws a card, and reads for the person. I absolutely LOVE this, because I think we all get so much out of it. This past week, I wasn’t going to ask a question, until the main thing plaguing me lately just kind of burst out of my mouth.

“I can’t believe I’m getting a tarot reading about my cat.”

Yes. My cat has been especially confusing and annoying lately, exhibiting some perplexing new behavior and demanding my attention. So I wanted to know if there was actually a serious problem, or if she just wanted more attention. Lo and behold, my friends had some very helpful answers.

radiantrw_pageswords collective_death Radiant2Pentacles

These are the cards my friends drew. They were very perceptive and right on target.

Page of Swords: A message. Yes, the cat is trying to tell you something!

Death: My friend saw this and immediately suggested that the problem is with my cat’s food. And when I looked at the card, the first thing that jumped out was the snake shape, which made me think of intestines…

Two of Pentacles: My friend says the cat needs more fun, so I should play with her more. This card also suggests balance, pointing back to the Death card and the food situation.

How ridiculously accurate.

All I told them beforehand was that my cat was bitching at me all the time, but I don’t know why. So the food answer was a big neon sign for me. I’ve had suspicions that there’s a problem with her food, especially since she’s been pooping outside her litter box lately (which is something she has NEVER done in her 12 years of life).

I’d been giving her special food for a while now, to cut down on allergens, since she’s so damn itchy (damn high maintenance cat). For a while I was alternating between dry food (which I call “crunchies” cause I think it sounds funny) and wet food, but lately I’d gotten lazy with the wet food and hadn’t been giving it to her as much.

This reading suggests I need to stop being lazy and give her more wet food. So when I got home from the tarot meeting last night, I gave my cat a can of the good stuff and she immediately gobbled it down. And since I am going for a bit of balance here, this morning I gave her some crunchies. She glared at me, refused to eat it, and bitched at me some more. Eventually, I gave in and replaced it with more wet food.

We are definitely on to something.

I have to admit that I felt rather silly asking the cards for answers about my cat, but I was very encouraged by the results, and got a lot of confirmation about things I already kind of knew in my heart. I love that even in situations like this, tarot can provide answers.

The fact that she flat-out refuses to eat the crunchies now is worrying. It could possibly be a problem with her teeth, but I’m hoping not, since the rest of the clues point elsewhere. Which means, she likely has some sort of digestive problem (like mother, like cat-daughter?). Which means, as soon as I get back from our trip to Ireland, I’ll likely be taking her to the vet. I hope it’s nothing serious.

And if all goes well, I might be adopting a playmate for her, since I know she’s been lonely lately, with my husband and I gone so much.

Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “Cards and Cats and Crunchies

  1. Actually I love that you had people read on your cat, and the interpretation of the Death card as a need to check the kitty’s eating was a great example of good, intuitive reading :) Nice post!

  2. Hey, I read for our dog way back in the beginning, so you’re not the only crazy pet parent! Used the Magical Forest; it seemed appropriate :)

    What struck me in the Death card was the skin shedding and that it looks like the snake is eating the grapes. Then you mentioned your kitty has itch problems (trying to get out of her dry skin). And you’re feeding her special food (soft and juicy like grapes; special like wine)!

    BTW, what deck is that Death card from? It looks like I should recognise it, but I don’t.

    • Haha, yay, I’m not alone. :P

      The funny thing is that I’ve tried to read for my cat in the past, but it’s always been ridiculously aloof, just like a cat, so I wasn’t sure it would work this time. I think the difference, though, is that I was reading ABOUT her, not with her as the querent, or whatever.

      The Death card is from the Collective Tarot (or as my friend calls it: The Queer Collective).


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