Do you like Vulpina?

We discussed a film — as it kind of played through my mind — in which the “ending” was the first scene, and the story kind of played backwards throughout the whole movie. It involved a villain of some sort named Foxface (we kept saying “Foxface” like it was something special and cool to us, like he was our favorite character). It reminded me very much of Watchmen, and Foxface seemed somewhat akin to Rorschach.


A very, very rough sketch of the Vulpina character I kept seeing in my minds eye.

I was at a counter paying for a purchase, searching for exact change, when a guy came up to help. He was some sort of acquaintance or friend of mine, I think? He started digging through his bag for change. Meanwhile, I’d found my own change and paid the clerk. Helpful Dude offered the clerk large handfuls of coins (complete with other debris like paper clips) and she said she would keep it in my account for me.

All the while, a separate encounter was kind of running parallel, where some other acquaintance-friend was giving away some of his old things. “Do you like Vulpina?” he asked, placing an item into my cupped hands. I looked down, examining the cute little foxy character whose face graced all kinds of little trinkets (think Hello Kitty, almost). As all of the exchanges finished playing out, Vulpina’s face was most prominent in my mind’s eye, the whispered “Foxface” repeating over and over in my brain.


Queen of Wands - Animism TarotUpon waking, I immediately thought of the Queen of Wands from the Animism tarot, because she’s a fox, and Vulpina seems like a good name for her.

I searched for “vulpina” but mostly came up with a plant called Letharia vulpina, a lichen that is apparently used for poisoning foxes.

It has just now occurred to me that there was a villain of sorts named Fox Face in the video game Shadow Hearts (one I’ve played many times over). He was the ghost of Yuri’s (the main character’s) father, who haunted him in the World of Nightmares and he always appeared wearing a fox mask (hence the nickname Fox Face). Yuri had to fight him over and over again until he was able to fully understand, accept, and “face” this man who haunted him.

I’m not exactly sure how all of this fits together, but I do find all of the connections and correlations very interesting.



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