The Animism Tarot is Live!

I normally don’t like to do the reblog thing (and I hope it’s okay, Jo!), but I couldn’t think of a better way to do this. I’ve been watching Jo’s progress with the paintings for this deck for what feels like a LONG time. I adore every single card, and I am freaking ECSTATIC that this deck is finally complete and able to be purchased!

I mean, have you SEEN this deck? You know you want your own copy of The Animism Tarot as much as I do. <3

Rainbow of Crazy

It’s here! It’s here! Everything’s ready, the last sketch, the last paint stroke, the last edits, the last typed words and all the sweat and energy and hours upon hours and all the craziness have been worth all of it because we’re here! The Animism Tarot is now available!

I am ecstatic beyond words, and if I can just spazz a little, this is going to make for one amazingly memorable birthday (: I even had a little birthday spread the other day (seen below), and it’s surprising how eye opening these cards can be. It’s also still SO surreal to be able to use this tarot deck because it actually came from my brain. How did that even happen?? I am still speechless. I don’t even have the words. The right words. I’m surprised any words are coming out right now. All I can do is ramble because my…

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