Something Like Burnout

I’ve been super absent of late, so my apologies for not being a very good blog visitor and/or commenter the past couple of months. Life has been busy. And hectic. And exhausting.

I have excuses, like these (from good to poor).

1. I have been having troubles with my narcolepsy treatment, which has been wreaking all kinds of havoc on my body, my mind, my emotional health, and my general — you know — awakeness. Right now I am off all medications (until the next one gets approved), which is better but still not exactly perfect since I am sleepy all the time now.

17 - The Star - 05/18/13

My collaged version of The Star.

2. For some reason my enthusiasm for tarot had been a bit dampened. I’ve still been doing a daily draw, but other than that I haven’t had much motivation to read the cards. Things keep getting in the way of me making it to my tarot collage group each week, and somehow last week I just plain freakin’ forgot about it. What the heck, man. This past Saturday I made it, though, and it was awesome (see all my collage cards here).

3. I’ve been reading a lot. I can’t help it! I have a lot of books I want to read. This also means I had been spending a lot of time on my book blog. Which, apparently, hasn’t made my husband very happy (what can I say? He likes my undivided attention.). So, I’ve hadto cut back on that considerably as well, which feels good. But still. Not as much time for all the things.

So anyway, a few things have happened to reawaken my tarot interest.

1. See #2 above. I absolutely LOVE the Star card I made. And I made it in record time! This is the first one I’ve done where I felt inspired and knew exactly what I was making as I grabbed the pieces. And all the pieces were already in my box of collected imagery from previous magazine searching. Love it!

2. I got my copy of the Hirajeta tarot in the mail today. Dudes, it is gorgeous. I am so glad I backed that Kickstarter project! I even got four oversized cards, and while I didn’t get to choose which ones I wanted, I’m pretty impressed by the four I got (The Emperor, The World, High Priestess, Death).

Which means, I thought it would be fun to do a quick self reflective reading tonight.

Body, mind, spirit with the Hirajeta tarot. (My photos do not do this deck justice AT ALL. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. I implore you to click here and check out the higher quality images.)

Ace of Wands - Hirajeta Tarot Three of Swords - Hirajeta Tarot Strength - Hirajeta Tarot

Body – Ace of Wands
Crawling out of the murky undergrowth and reaching toward the fiery heavens. You know, I think is is a pretty good metaphor. I already explained a decent chunk of my situation up there, and I think this is right on. I’m reaching forward, looking to improve my body, no longer satisfied with the crappy way I’ve been feeling lately. (Also, did I mention, I’m looking into learning a martial art soon? Very excited. Possibly Ninjutsu.)

Mind – Three of Swords
Hmm. I was hoping not to get a pip, since I just realized the pips in this deck are the boring kind (darnit!). But here we go, and this card is kind of an easy one. Interesting, though, that it applies to my mind. So, what, my mind is feeling heartbroken? How about just broken? I do feel a bit mentally exhausted, and overloaded in regards to work. Still not sure how this one applies, though. Anyone?

Spirit – Strength
Aha…haha. Always, I get this card where I most want advice. But no, I think this is a good card here. Encouragement that my spirit is strengthening and finally leaning on my inner resolve, the way the cards always remind me to do. The fact that my spirit is aligned with my soul card is very good news. And this actually seems the most attuned and calm right now, out of all three. I am happy with this.


2 thoughts on “Something Like Burnout

  1. Love that Star card! Do you put it all together in Photoshop?

    Sorry to hear the narcolepsy is wreaking such havoc on you. Don’t worry about the blog, this isn’t a paid gig. I’ve been cutting back on my Twitter time, talk about a time suck. Can only do so much, right?

    • Yay, thank you! No, all the collage cards are made with just stuff I cut out from magazines and glue together. Sometimes I wish I could just do them in Photoshop because I want to do certain blending techniques and stuff. But using physical media has been a fun challenge, and a nice reminder of my roots in art BEFORE I got a computer, lol.


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