Music That Feeds Me

As referenced in the Liebster award post a while back, music is one thing that truly feeds and nourishes me, like nothing else. I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for a while now, but free time does not always come to me in abundance. But! Finally, I have come through. I hope that you will listen to at least parts of these songs, and that maybe you can see what I see (or feel what I feel) within them.

This is why I worship music.

First, the songs that hold me close.

(I’m going to have to break this topic down into multiple posts, so this time I’ll start with the snuggly ones.)

This song, Wingless, was one my husband showed me. It’s from one of his favorite visual novels (one that I regret I haven’t gotten to read yet). From the first note, it had gripped my heart and squeezed tight, tight, tight. Its melancholy, its longing are so thorough and profound that I find it difficult not to cry whenever I listen to this song. Whenever there is a rift between me and my husband, I listen to this song over and over, because it makes me feel so much, and it makes me feel so close to him. (Maybe that’s weird, but it works, for me.)

Lindsey Stirling is a marvel. Her violin music is technical perfection (even my husband, a long-time violinist, agrees). This one, above all of her others, also brings me to tears almost every time. The way she weaves these notes together is just magical. I was lucky enough to see her in concert last month and when she played this song I just broke down, bawling and trying not to be too obvious about it. I mean, how can you not?

Every time this song played on Battlestar Galactica, I lost focus of the plot and found myself listening to the song. It’s just so soft, so light, and so lovely (yet still, there is this darkness, no?).

I’ll stop here.

Don’t want to overwhelm you with all the feelings. (Or is it only me, with all these feelings?)


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