Soul Searching with Soul Gifts

Once again, I’m following in Irmata’s footsteps. She did a reading on her soul gifts, inspired by a couple of posts about soul gifts and how soul gifts can also be personality flaws by Anna Sayce at Psychic but Sane. After seeing her spread, and reading those posts, I knew that this was what I’ve been seeking for a while now.

I’ve felt a bit lost. I know I should be pursuing some purpose, some… thing (as Ace Ventura would say), but I just can’t seem to snatch it from the ether, you know? I need direction, but until now, nothing really seemed exactly right. Now, however, I think I have my first step in the right direction with this reading. I’ve decided to follow Irmata’s initial spread and then break it down further with clarifying questions.

Soul Gifts reading - Darkana tarot

Soul Gifts reading – Darkana tarot

Because I’m digging so deep with this, I don’t expect many visitors to read the whole thing, but that’s fine. It’s mostly for me anyway, eh? I used Darkana for the main spread and Joie de Vivre for the clarifiers, because it just felt right.

1-3: 3 Core Soul Gifts (active – strong)

1. High Priestess: intuition – mystery (click to see all 4 cards)

  • How do I positively express this gift? – 3 of Cups (celebration, partnership)
  • How does it present as a flaw? – 6 of Wands (success, recognition)
  • How can I strengthen this gift? – 10 of Wands (willpower, difficulty)

So, I’m good at following my intuition and knowing when I’m right or wrong about things. Looks like this can turn into a flaw when I either flaunt that I’m right or fight too hard to prove that I’m right (because I *know* I’m right, but the other party refuses to believe me). And, ouch, looks like it will take lots of work to improve upon this gift. I’m taking this as a sign that this is my most prominent and developed soul gift. Comforting but also kinda scary at the same time.

2. Knight of Swords: direct – incisive (click to see all 4 cards)

  • How do I positively express this gift? – Page of Cups (caring, calm)
  • How does it present as a flaw? – 4 of Swords (rest, introspection)
  • How can I strengthen this gift? – The Wheel (change, movement)

I’m good at making decisions, which leads to me being calm and helpful in scary or tense situations. By the 4 swords, I’m assuming this means that to others, it might look like I’m not deliberating enough before making a decision, or I appear lazy because I’m thinking TOO much and not acting quickly enough for them. Interesting. And I love that I can strengthen this by going with the flow!

3. Four of Cups: dissatisfaction – apathy (click to see all 4 cards)

  • How do I positively express this gift? – King of Swords (logic, fairness)
  • How does it present as a flaw? – Page of Swords (clarity, communication)
  • How can I strengthen this gift? – Queen of Coins (sensitive, nurture)

Hrm, hrm, hrm. Totally did not expect to see that one of my soul gifts = BOREDOM? El-oh-el. Actually, I think this is showing that I am keen at discovering the flaws (dissatisfaction) in plans, situations, things. I have often felt like this was kind of a curse because it seems like people get really tired of me being the party pooper when I logically point out that whatever won’t work because of x, y, and z. Looks like I need to be more sensitive to others and think about how I present my case before sharing my thoughts in these situations. Very good advice. Whew.

4-5: Supporting Soul Gift (active – needs development) & Unexpressed Soul Gift (inactive – weak)

4. Page of Swords: thought – truthfulness (click to see all 4 cards)

  • How do I positively express this gift? – Knight of Cups (passion, confidence)
  • How does it present as a flaw? – High Priestess (intuition, knowledge)
  • How can I strengthen this gift? – 9 of Swords (perspective, hope)

Oh-ho-ho this makes me very happy. One of my soul gifts is honesty? Oh, how very much I take honesty to heart. I agree that this is an under-developed gift, so continuing to practice empathy seems right in line with my desires. I’m thinking the High Priestess here is referring to me thinking I know things that I may not be clear about. Lately I’ve developed a tendency to finish other people’s thoughts and then turn out to be wrong. It’s really annoying and why do I do that?

5. Page of Wands: creativity – ardor (click to see all 4 cards)

  • How do I positively express this gift? – The Devil (ambition, willpower)
  • How does it present as a flaw? – 10 of Cups (elation, abundance)
  • How can I strengthen this gift? – 8 of Coins (skill, dedication)

Interesting. I can see why this is placed in the inactive/weak spot. I do enjoy creative projects and when my muse strikes, I can be very single-minded and enthralled with whatever it is. Interesting that 10 cups is how I manifest this gift as a flaw. Does this mean I get to pleased with myself when I make something I’m happy about? Not sure what to make of this one.

6: N/A Soul Gift (don’t waste energy)

6. Justice: responsibility – decision (click to see all 4 cards)

  • How do I positively express this gift? – 2 of Cups (honesty, cooperation)
  • How does it present as a flaw? – 6 of Coins (sharing, generosity)
  • How should I use this gift? – Temperance (connection, balance)

Arrrrgh. Really? It’s no secret to me (or my husband) that I do like to seek justice. I like to follow rules and I like it when other people follow the rules, too. But apparently I should, uhm, not care about this so much? *sheepish grin*

Jumper + Quint

While shuffling Darkana, I got a jumper card so I set it aside until the very end. I also decided to find the quint this time (I’ll probably do this from now on), because it seemed especially important for some reason.

  • Jumper: Queen of Cups – loving, empathy
  • Quint: Strength – my soul card (how very appropriate)

Both pretty apt, in my opinion. Most of my working with these gifts stems from a place of empathy and caring. I do things because I care (about the things I’m doing, about the people involved). And of course, Strength would pop up right on schedule. Strangely, the more it appears in these situations, the less I am beginning to understand it. Hm.


3 thoughts on “Soul Searching with Soul Gifts

  1. Oh this is fantastic! I couldn’t wait and did my own extended reading last night – WOW. Wait ’til you see that sucker.

    I think the repeated cards are the most interesting (HP, PgS), and the high number of Cups and Swords overall. Don’t you love using a Quint?? So cool that it’s your soul card!

    • Ooh, I’m very much looking forward to seeing you extended reading! So glad you did one. :D

      I also find the repeated cards interesting. Especially since HP was first presented as a positive (yay, it’s a gift!), but then used later to show how it can be a negative. Same thing with P/S, only backwards. That probably really helps to drive these points home.

      Yeah, I did enjoy using the quint this time. The fact that it’s my soul card felt almost like troll though. Argh! lol…

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