Personal Growth with Darkana

I haven’t done a reading in a while (aside from the group interview), and I felt like working with the cards tonight. So, I picked up Darkana and found a random spread that seemed like a good idea. It’s a Personal Report Card for ______ (I chose “life” to fill in the blank).

And first off, I would just like to say that I *love* shuffling the Darkana tarot deck. It is by far my favorite deck to shuffle and I shuffle it twice as much as I do any other deck, because it is such a pleasure! If only ALL decks could be this agreeable!

Personal Report Card Reading - Darkana Tarot

Personal Report Card Reading – Darkana Tarot

My Personal Report Card for Life

1. What is my level of progress?Four of Pentacles
I’ve finally gotten something good and I’m trying my best to hold onto it. Well, that is most assuredly true! I’m finally starting to feel like an accomplished adult. I’ve got a good, steady job that pays well. I’ve just finished paying off some old debts. Things are looking good, and I want to keep what I’ve worked hard for — and earned.

2. Where am I proficient?Seven of Cups
Making decisions, eh? Good to know that I’ve finally figured it out. I think I have been getting better at making decisions lately. I’m feeling much more clarity of mind these days, which has been a welcome change.

3. Where am I blocked or failing?Knight of Swords
Hmm. Darkana says “direct or incisive,” which makes sense. I *have* felt less capable of making myself understood lately. Apparently I need to work on that. Communication is important to me, and it has felt especially difficult.

What do I need to do to take the next step toward my ideal life…

4. Spiritually?Page of Cups
I need to open up emotionally, and that will help me spiritually? Could be. It *has* been something I’ve struggled with of late. I guess it’s good to know that if I want to make progress spiritually, I need to pay attention emotionally as well. In fact, I made some (sigil-like) steps toward that last night!

5. Emotionally?Two of Swords
Stop avoiding them. My emotions, that is. Hmmm…

6. Physically?The Hanged Man
Oh, hi friend! Hi YEAR CARD! This makes so much sense to me right now that I don’t even feel like I need to type it out. I need to let go and try a new approach. Look at my physical self (and issues) from a different perspective. Interesting, and encouraging, since I have already taken steps in this direction. :D

7. Mentally/Intellectually?Fortitude (Strength)
Good old Strength. My soul card, always showing up in similar places. Use my inner strength to get to the next level mentally. I like that. I’m actually liking how all 4 of these cards tie in to one another (sorry if you can’t see it, reader, but it makes sense to me, personally).

…and of course…

8. Where will this lead?The Empress
Ah, excellent! All of this will lead toward me being a more ideal (in my eyes) woman. Except, without babies, of course. Darkana says “nurturing and natural” so I’ll go with that. Perfect. (Please, please don’t let it actually mean babies…*)

*Look, nothing against babies. I just don’t want any.

4 thoughts on “Personal Growth with Darkana

  1. What a fabulous deck, I wish I’d known about this in time to get one. Great reading, too. Don’t worry, the Empress is just ‘fertility’ in every sense of the word, lots of things could apply. New projects, new sources of energy, etc. ;)

    • Haha, yes, that’s kind of what I’m hoping for. It’s just that the imagery on the card is just *screaming* BABIES, lol!

      I think you can still buy the deck on his website. I’m really, really surprised by how much I like it!

  2. I also really like the look of the Darkana _and_ I keep forgetting to say that I just love the way you format your posts with inline headers (I’m assuming – ?) and so on. It looks SO good!

    That Empress is a little freaky for those of us less baby-natured *shudder* I’d say though that it is a symbol of fulfilment – it shows the successful growth and delivery of a long-term project. As far as a report card goes, it’s an A+ all round!

    I’ll be filing this spread away for later gankage ;)

  3. Oh yay, yay, so glad you like all my blog formatting! I try to make it as readable as possible, which includes breaking it up into bite-sized pieces, you know?

    I like your assessment of the Empress here. Fulfillment. Yes, please. :)


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