Making New Friends

Okay, look. Call me a copycat if you want, but when I saw Irmata’s Deck Interview Conference Call last month, I knew I wanted to do this, too. Getting to know new decks can be kind of difficult for me, especially since I don’t read all that often (but I can’t resist buying new decks!). So. Welp. Yes, I’m even using her spread (mostly), because it’s just so damn perfect.

I’ve gotten a few decks in the past 6 months that I still don’t really know how to read. Tonight, I’ve called them together so I can more properly make their acquaintance. My guests for the evening are:

  • Sun and Moon Tarot (yes, I’ve read with it a couple times so far, but it still seems… off…)
  • Darkana Tarot (got from a Kickstarter campaign and have barely had time to even look at it yet!)
  • Mystic Dreamer Tarot (just got like a week ago and I’m dying to play with it!)
  • 8-Bit Tarot (yeah, I know it’s basically a RWS clone, but still.)

So, here we are.

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for joining me. :)


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[King of Pentacles | 4 of Pentacles | 5 of Swords | 3 of Swords]

  • And very nice to meet you too, my dear!
  • Sup. I’m not giving up any secrets or anything, but I showed up, didn’t I?
  • Hello. While I might rather be spending time with friends, well, I guess I could spare a moment for you too.
  • *grabs fork, moves it toward own eyeballs*

Uhm. Well, then. Please describe yourself in a nutshell.


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[The Star | 6 of Wands | 6 of Pentacles | 5 of Swords]

  • Why, I’m the star of the show, of course! The life of the party. The reason to be here, of course.
  • I’m victorious, plain and simple. You want answers? You want solutions? Come to me.
  • Oh, I can be a charitable giver, especially to those less fortunate than myself. As I said, I am sparing a moment for you, aren’t I?
  • Eh. A frustrated loner. Looking for connections that are difficult to obtain.

What is your preferred style/type of tarot reading?


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[2 of Cups | 7 of Cups | Ace of Pentacles | Queen of Coins]

  • A collaborative one, darling! A reading where you and I get together and communicate on a deep, intimate level.
  • Big spreads that involve lots of cards, so I can give you all my best answers.
  • Focused. Come to me when you want decisive, straight to the point answers. I’ll enlighten you with my beauty and wisdom.
  • Readings that are going to be profitable, of course! Come to me when you want easy answers, with little guess work.

And what do you absolutely have no time for?


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[The Tower | Death | 6 of Wands | The Star]

  • Troubles and complaints! I do not have time to console your whining. I just want to delight you!
  • I don’t like to be too spiritual. Leave that stuff for someone else and keep me around for more practical, tangible matters.
  • If you already *know* the answer, do not look to me for confirmation. I have no patience for ego-stroking.
  • Starry-eyed querents. This is a job, and I’m good at it, but I don’t need to be reminded of how *fascinating* people find me.

What important trait of yours isn’t immediately obvious?


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[7 of Pentacles | The Heirophant | 7 of Cups | Knight of Wands]

  • Sometimes, I’m not all that accurate. Like I said, I’m best with happy things. Sad things just make me more sad.
  • I’m a traditional guy at heart. I’ll stick to what’s true and right.
  • I’m good in hectic situations. If you need many answers, I can be very insightful.
  • I will always come to the rescue, with whatever message you need.

How can a reader — especially me — work with you most effectively?


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[Ace of Cups | 7 of Wands | The Fool | The World]

  • Come to me with an open heart and an open mind, so we can experience everything together anew!
  • Come to me with your problems. I’m a badass (I don’t know if you noticed), but I can take on the big challenges. I DARE YOU!
  • Come to me as The Fool. Completely ignorant and open to all of my great wisdom and advice.
  • Know what you want, and be ready to seize it, before you knock on my door.

What do you offer in return?


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[The Emperor | 4 of Wands | 8 of Cups | 2 of Swords]

  • Why, I will open up my world to you, darling – with all of the riches and blessings that includes. *charming grin*
  • I’ll provide you with comfort and stability. I’ll be a solid rock you can depend upon when you need me.
  • I will help you to focus on the most important things, and guide you away from that which isn’t best for you.
  • I’ll make the decisions for you, just as you ask.

Anything you’d like to add in closing?


Sun and Moon | Darkana | Mystic Dreamer | 8-Bit
[6 of Swords | 5 of Pentacles | 10 of Swords | 5 of Pentacles]

  • Let’s do this! I’m ready to go places with you.
  • Eh, I’ve got nothing. See ya.
  • Did you really just ask me that? Goodbye.
  • I’m fresh out. Bye!


Okay, so does anyone else think it’s weird, how some cards kept repeating? 5 of Swords. The Star. 6 of Wands. 7 of Cups. 5 of Pentacles. o_O

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Darkana tarot and I will get along quite well, it seems. I originally backed the Kickstarter project just to help out a fellow tarot reader, and didn’t really find myself all too interested in the art style. But it seems as if it might provide me with the kinds of readings I often prefer. Interesting.

I was also pretty disappointed to see the attitude of the Mystic Dreamer. When I read through the book a little bit, I learned that it should be especially good for dream work. Only now I’m scared to use it, especially for dream work, where I *might* already know the answers and need confirmation or further explanation. Argh.


4 thoughts on “Making New Friends

  1. Oooooooh, you have the Darkana – have you had any more chance to work with it? It seems like a very masculine deck; young guy with an attitude type. Could be fun to work with, or super frustrating. Just remember Heidi’s time-out in the freezer trick if he gets too cocky ha ha!

    I wasn’t sure about the 8-Bit when I first got it; with it being such a true RWS clone, I had a lot of difficulty reading it. However, it is doing really well as a daily draw deck. I think you need to find its forte and stick with it.

    The Sun and Moon is a bit of a troll – be warned – but not in a mean way. It likes to joke around and see if you’re paying attention. When you need an honest-to-goodness serious reading though, it will behave.

    I’ve never liked the Mystic Dreamer, but then it’s a photo deck so I’m biased from the get-go. hope you two work thigns out!

    • Yeah, I didn’t realize Mystic Dreamer was a photo deck until I looked at the cards IRL. I hate the way images on the internet can deceive (or maybe my eyesight is just failing). I haven’t had another chance to work with Darkana – or any decks, for that matter, but I am itching to do so! Like I said, I was really surprised at how much I liked its answers.

      Oh, yeah, I think I’ve figured out the Sun and Moon troll. It pretty much confirmed it during this interview. I’ve used it a few times in the past, some decent, some not-so-cool. That’s why I wanted to include it in this interview. Hmpf.

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