Daily Draw Stats for 2012

Okay, look, here’s the deal. I am a huge nerd and I am way too interested in statistics. I love compiling lists and spreadsheets and then collecting statistics from those lists and spreadsheets and then creating pretty-looking charts and graphs with the information. Since I’ve been tracking daily draws on a calendar since late 2011, I thought it would be a cool idea to compile some spreadsheets and charts and stuff, with which to see if any trends appeared. I hope that *someone* out there finds this at least half as interesting and fun as I do!

Collecting and Compiling


Yes, all of my spreadsheets are color coded.

In order to make this work, I had to isolate the data from just 2012. I wanted a whole year’s worth of data, with each month of the year being equally represented. (Of course, I realized this *after* I had collected ALL the data, including several months from 2011 and one month from 2013. Fun.) I tracked each card individually, including: how many times it was drawn in total, how many times it was drawn in each month, and how many times it was drawn on each day of the week. I also made note of how many times the card came up “frequently”, and by frequently I mean that it appeared more than once within any two-week span. Surprisingly, this happened way more often that I thought it did.

After that, I started making all kinds of graphs and charts with all of this information. In fact, I think I started going a little bit overboard (and this doesn’t even include the date number data, like how many times the 3 of wands showed up on a 3-date, like May 3rd or whatever). So, let’s take it slow, shall we?

General Statistics

First, I wanted to see how evenly distributed each grouping of the cards was throughout the year. Major vs. Minor Arcana, Pips vs. Court cards, etc.

chart12_suitpercent  chart12_grouppercent

I think this is a pretty interesting distribution.

  • The Major Arcana takes up 28% of a tarot deck, so to see that I drew a Major Arcana card 26% of the time is a pretty even distribution rate.
  • The Court Cards take up only about 20% of a tarot deck, so I actually saw a bit more of them than should have been expected.
  • The Pips do take up approximately 50% of a tarot deck, so they seem to be right on target.
  • I also find it interesting that I saw significantly more Cups compared to the other Minor Arcana suits.

So far, nothing too extreme, which is both interesting, ordinary, and somewhat comforting all at the same time.

Monthly Distribution

Next I wanted to see how each of the suits were distributed throughout the year. Did I get more of the Major Arcana in one month and less in another? Were Cups more likely to show up in the watery months? This is what I got.


Click to see larger.

There is definitely more variation month-to-month, which is cool.

  • The most evenly-distributed month looks like February.
  • The month with the most uneven distribution is probably August.
  • The Cups seem to be the most evenly-distributed across all the months.
  • Obviously, there is a large spike in Major Arcana in May, which is when the Wands take a major dip.

I also wanted to compare purely Major Arcana to Minor Arcana on a monthly basis and see if any trends emerged. Pretty interesting, I think.


Click to see larger.

I find it interesting how much it seemed to fluctuate, but every month there was more Minor Arcana than Major Arcana. The closest they ever got was in May when there was a huge spike in Major Arcana, but still it did even equal the Minor Arcana! ALSO, I think it’s interesting to note that on average, the Minor Arcana outnumbered the Major Arcana about 3.5 to 1. What was so important/different about May? I don’t know!

Weekday Distribution

I also wanted to look at trends over days of the week, which was also fun and quite colorful. (I told you I like rainbows.)


Click to see larger.

Several spikes! Interesting data! Cups on Mondays and Saturdays (prime days for being emotional?). Pentacles on Wednesdays! Major Arcana on Tuesdays (gotta be strong to get past those Mondays) and Thursdays. Quite evenly-distributed on Fridays!

Isn’t this Fascinating?

Well, I hope so. Because I have a bunch more charts and crap to post about, but I figured this post was long enough already. More to come! I’m so excited!


10 thoughts on “Daily Draw Stats for 2012

  1. Are you trying to seduce me? Becasue it;s working.
    And are you trying to make me mental? Because that’s working too.

    I’ve got such a tarot boner right now and I don’t know if it’s you or the charts or some divine combination of the two! :D

    Now, the pedant in me says – but where’s the control? Wouldn’t THAT add a whole other level of fascinating??! I was wondering about this because – I don’t know about you – but different decks have different “habits” (eg. the Wildwood throws Bows and Arrows 80% of the time), so if you use a different deck every time you read, your results aren’t going to be “true”. Adding a control deck (I’m thinkg RWS) would give you something to measure the results against. ?

    Soooo, if I were to start doing my own daily draws FOR SCIENCE!! would you hook me up with your Spreadsheets of Awesomesauce?

    • Hahaha – SUCCESS! I laughed so hard when I read this comment last night (sorry I’m just getting time to reply now!).

      So, I’ve been doing these daily draws with RWS, so how’s that work for a control then? In fact, thinking of RWS as a control, it makes the general balance of suit distribution make a lot of sense.

      Really, my idea with this was to see the trends in what cards *I chose* each day, not in what cards *the deck gave me*. Know what I’m saying?

      But now that you mention it, I’m itching to try this out with a different deck. Too bad it’s already February so my stats would be skewed for 2013! Augh! Crap!

      • Ohhhhhh, I didn’t realise these were cards YOU chose; that’s a whole different story.

        And it actually makes the pretty even distribution across the deck (proprtionally speaking) more remarkable. If it was a random draw, then stats say it should be an even distribution based on the percentage the suits occur in the deck, but if you’re actually _choosing_ evenly, that’s quite remarkable!

        I’ll be starting my daily draws in March, using the 8-Bit as the RWS control and then using a different deck for each week following. I have enough decks to use a different one each week for a year now! :D There’s nothing saying you can start fresh in March and take it from there.

        SMASH THE SYSTEM! (And build one that works for you.)

        • Hmm, okay, I don’t think I’m explaining myself well. I didn’t wake up each day and say “Today I choose Queen of Wands to be my card of the day,” etc. I still did a random draw each day. But what I’m talking about is energy, like I mentioned here.

          It’s like this combination of my energy + the tarot. What card was chosen, directed by my energy, supplied by the deck? I don’t think I’ve ever really approached the tarot with the idea that it’s purely the deck working on its own to give me the cards it wants to give me. It’s me and the deck in tandem. Does that make sense?

          Also, OMG that you can use a different deck each WEEK. Dude, I don’t even have enough to use a different one each MONTH. :( Guess I better either stick to RWS or choose another one to use for the next year. (Or buy 3 more decks?!?!)

        • Okay, I think I finally understand (DOI!) :D I really _do_ think the decks have personalities and I do draw on the direction of “outside forces”, but I also use my own energy – as you describe – it all depends on the situation. My system is “no system at all”!

          When I do my own Daily Draw Project, I’ll probably use a combination of the above, as the mood strikes me or as it feels correct on that day. OOH! Another variable to add into the equation huzzah!

          Does it make it better if I mention that several of my decks don’t qualify for daily draws because of reasons (IJJ is purely for predictive time/place/direction etc.; TaRat is limited edition uncut sheet; Universal Goddess is on an indefinite time-out…) and thus I don’t have a full 52 to work with? Then again, I am *quite* confident that I will have solved this “problem” bedore the year is out ;)

  2. This is SO amazing! and yes you are a huge nerd but I love it. I would have expected more spikes and irregularities (as if the cards were speaking to you at certain times). Instead, these are pretty regular results, especially the pie graphs. GREAT WORK!

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