30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 29

This post is part of my 30-day tarot challenge (created by Ree @ Ephemeral Starlight). To see the rest of my posts for this challenge, please check here.

Do you have a Tarot mentor? Who are they (in relation to you) and how do they inspire you?

There are a couple of people who I look up to in regards to tarot (among other things). Even though I’ve never met either of them in person, I’ve learned a lot about tarot (among other things) from them.

Submerina (the princess and the sea)
Painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz – curated by submerina

I’ve known her for something like 11 or 12 years now (can you believe that?!) online. We’ve basically connected on so many different topics over the years that I feel like there’s a good chance I could run into her anywhere on the internet that I find myself visiting (except for perhaps things anime- or video game-related). She is the one who inspired me to start my own tarot blog in the first place! Her blog is always interesting and inspiring, even if I can’t always relate. Also, she’s the one who feeds my tarot art addiction (have you SEEN her collection?) — and just my art addiction in general.

Johanne Blanchard (johannetarot.com)

Queen of Cups

I started following Johanne on twitter a while back and she’s my most favorite tarot person on twitter. Most of her tweets aren’t tarot-related at all, but they’re hilarious and enjoyable and entertaining. (She has an undying passion for coffee, and it’s adorable.) When she does talk tarot, though, it’s awesome! I love reading her interpretations of cards. Ever since I’ve been twitter-friends with her, she’s been an encouraging and inspiring tarot mentor for me.


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