30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 14

This post is part of my 30-day tarot challenge (created by Ree @ Ephemeral Starlight). To see the rest of my posts for this challenge, please check here.

For what purposes do you usually use the Tarot (self-reflection, guidance, advice, recreation, communing with spirits/dead, communication with deity, other)?

fortune teller

Not quite my grandpa, but close.

All of the above? Well, no, that’s not really true. I read tarot for several reasons, none of which usually involve communing with spirits, the dead, or deities. I have tried this on two occasions. Once, using a spread to contact an ancestor, which had pretty lackluster results. The second time was at a tarot meetup, where we were all given a spread with which to contact a dead loved one, and encouraged to use it. I really don’t have any dead relatives (“loved ones”) I was ever close to, or want to contact, so it was kind of a bust.

In the spirit of cheerful participation, however, I decided to try out the spread and attempt to contact my paternal grandfather. He left my grandmother before my dad (their sixth child) was born, so my dad never knew his father. Over the years, during my childhood, we heard rumors about him. The one rumor that stuck with me was that he was a “fortune teller” somewhere in the midwest. So, I figured he might be an appropriate one to contact with a tarot spread. However, the results were sorta mediocre, considering I don’t know him and thus didn’t really know how to interpret his answers. Oh well, at least I tried.

In any case…

For what purposes do I read tarot, then?

Personal guidance & advice
tarot cardsMost of the time when I do a reading for myself, it’s because I really need advice on what to do in a particular situation. I’m not going to say that I tend to worry, but I do get a bit antsy when I don’t have a clear plan ahead of me at any point. Sometimes if I have a dream I’m having trouble interpreting, I like to do a tarot reading about it for extra clarity.

Self reflection
I also like to use tarot to just get a general picture of my life, or specific aspects of my life. I also enjoy the occasional “all about me” reading, where you choose a spread that tells you about yourself. Like this Jung + Queens + you spread, or these little quickies.

Helping others
So, when friends (or strangers) ask me for a reading, of course I like to oblige. A few times, I’ve done a reading for my husband when he was having trouble making a decision. Basically, I just liek to read the cards, and if I can help someone else at the same time (whether it be advice, confirmation, or “seeing the future”), I’m all for it.



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