30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 10

This post is part of my 30-day tarot challenge (created by Ree @ Ephemeral Starlight). To see the rest of my posts for this challenge, please check here.

What card best represents you/your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread)?

The Hermit - Phantomwise Tarot

The Hermit – Phantomwise Tarot

Yikes, this is a really tough question to answer. I don’t think there is a card that usually represents me. Though I mentioned the Queen of Wands in my post yesterday, I don’t feel like she represents me, but who I aspire to be, so that card doesn’t count.

I often think “me” whenever I see the Strength card, because it’s so very much my card – at least “technically” speaking. But does it represent me? I suppose it does, in some ways, but I also think it’s another one of those cards I kind of look toward for guidance. A reminder that “this is who you’re supposed to be” kind of thing.

So, is there some other card that nicely represents me or my personality?

I’ve always felt a kind of kinship with the Hermit, because he seeks solitude and introspection. Since I’m  very much introverted, I am often seeking the same things. Quiet, solitude, my own little cave in which to think and rest and be away from people! Every time I see him show up, I feel a sense of comfort and it’s like I breathe a little sigh of relief. (In that way, I also really love to see the 4 of Swords appear. Rest, alas! Not to mention, I have narcolepsy, so naps and resting are things I’m well acquainted with.)

I guess, unless someone else has a differing opinion, I’ll stick with this answer. Yes.


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