30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 8

This post is part of my 30-day tarot challenge (created by Ree @ Ephemeral Starlight). To see the rest of my posts for this challenge, please check here.

Which card do you dread pulling the most?

Somewhat surprisingly, no card immediately comes to mind. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled a card and groaned about it (unless its meaning + position were no fun for me). So which card(s) do I like the least?

Five of Pentacles - by Dan Edwards

Five of Pentacles – by Dan Edwards

You know, it’s funny. A couple of months ago I went to a tarot meetup and the topic of conversation that night was the “scary cards” – The Tower, Death, and The Devil. I don’t think I ever found these three cards all that scary, except for maybe the Tower. It was great discussion, though, and I learned a few new things about each card. We also discussed some of the other not-fun cards, like 10 of Swords.

But hmm… which card do I dread pulling the most? Well, okay, I’m not really materialistic or money hungry or anything, but I really don’t want to see the 5 of Pentacles ever come up in a reading for myself. I think it’s just because one of my main goals in life is to be (and stay) financially stable and independent. So, the notion that I’ll lose some of that stability is scary.

Also, I’m not too excited about seeing most of the court cards. But that’s only because they are the most difficult for me to read (except for a choice few that I’ve gotten to know pretty well). So it’s not that I dread them, but that I sort of almost dislike the challenge of having to get to know that. That is super dumb.


2 thoughts on “30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 8

  1. Interesting. The Devil doesn’t bother me at all, he’s my BFF. Death has never been a big deal to have show up in a reading, but the Tower… yes, the Tower is one I hope not to see. To a lesser degree, Justice and the Hanged Man. Minors — I’d prefer to skip most of the Swords.

    • You know, whenever I see the Tower, I initially panic a little inside. But then I relax and kinda see it as a warning, like a caution label, so it helps me keep my distance from the anxiety.

      Why don’t you want to see Justice or the Hanged Man? Maybe it’s naive of me, but I always feel like Justice is on my side and when I see that card it means I’ll finally get what I deserve (recognition for hard work, etc.).

      I guess most of the Swords aren’t much fun either. I think I’ve just drawn them so much that I’m used to seeing them so they don’t bother me anymore, lol. And I’m always happy to see 4/S (maybe that’s just because I have narcolepsy, hah).


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