2013 New Year Reading

Yeah, so I’m slightly late on this but whatever. It’s a new year, so I’m wont to do a new year reading and see what advice I can follow for the next 365 days.

First off, my card for this year is (9 + 24 + 2013): 12 The Hanged Man

XII The Hanged Man

Guess I’m in for a year of practicing things I’m good at (haha, ohhh you!): self-sacrifice, patience, surrender, and looking at things from different perspectives. Well, some of these things I need practice with, and others I’d like to get less practice with. Heh. Well, 2013, here’s to you.

I’d like to go a bit deeper, naturally, than just the one card for a whole year. I found this lovely new year spread in the TABI Tracker newsletter. Decided to use the Sun and Moon Tarot for this one.

New Year Reading for 2013 - Sun and Moon Tarot

New Year Reading for 2013 – Sun and Moon Tarot

1. What worked for me last year?Queen of Swords
Being sharp and decisive, using intellect and intuition to solve problems. I have to agree. It’s usually what works best for me, in most situations. I had fallen away from this path somehow, but found my way back (thanks in part to my husband). It feels good.
2. What didn’t work for me?The Sun
What, trying to be, like, sunshiny and optimistic and stuff? El-oh-el, tarot. I dunno what else to say about this one. Er…
3. What can I take from the last year?King of Pentacles
Be responsible, reliable, and confident. Welp, okay then. That’s my usual M. O. at any rate. So, continue to be reliable. Indeed, indeed.

4. How should I start this year?The Fool
Well then! Sounds good to me, and really I didn’t have any other plans anyway. Just step forward with pleasant optimism. Okay.
5. What should I look for?Six of Pentacles (Success)
Don’t I always, though, look for success? Yes, yes I do.
6. What should I concentrate on?The Empress
Ohh, indeed. Time to focus on my feminine.. stuff. Tis true, that my feminine self needs attention. Good to know that I have a whole year to concentrate on her. :) (Coincidentally, my well woman checkup is tomorrow, the 2nd. Heh-heh.)

7. This year will be a year forQueen of Wands
Ohoho! This Queen of Wands, she keeps showing up, all the time. All the TIME, I tell you! Looks like I’ll need to practice being savvy and collected and clever and all that. *Conspiratorial wink*
8. This year my angel will beTwo of Pentacles (Change)
So, I’m not exactly sure what these angel and devil cards are supposed to represent exactly, but apparently my angel will be this. Change, says Sun and Moon. Balance, says my intuitive self. Balance is always my quiet savior, in any case, so if it wants to be my angel this year, that feels rather appropriate.
9. This year my devil will beTwo of Cups (Love)
And so, my devil will be love/attraction? Not exactly sure why or how. Does this mean I will be especially tempted by love, or especially frustrated by love? Or… something else? Er, I just don’t know.
10. And to beat that devil I mustAce of Pentacles
I must… seize the wealth, health, and abundance that’s just sitting in my hand, ready to be grabbed? Interesting. And also still, confusing. How does one beat love with… money? Hrm. Hrm. Pursed lips.

11. From where I’m standing now the year may bring meNine of Pentacles (Gain)
Well, this is quite true, really. Especially for the immediate future. I’m looking toward a hefty tax refund, some money from a clinical trial, career advancements, et cetera, et cetera. May 2013 bring me abundance and success! (Isn’t that always the goal?)

Coincidentally, my card for today was the Ace of Pentacles. Looks like I’m off to a brilliant start. ;D


4 thoughts on “2013 New Year Reading

  1. Hmm. Looks like your posts aren’t showing up in my feed, as I’ve missed all of these *grumpy* This is a really cool spread and, seeing as I have all these new decks that are dying for a trial run… well, I guess I’ll just have to navel gaze a little more!

    Maybe The Sun points to focusing too hard on/worrying about/trying to force that kind of idealistic happy-happy skipping through the fields version of life. The QS objectively cuts through that bullshit to the reality of what living acually is.

    Interesting that your angel-devil cards are both 2s and to beat the devil, you use the same element as your angel. And then that same element is the year potential. Lots of Pentacles for you!

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