Sun and Moon Mandala

I got a new deck in the mail today (yay!) – the Sun and Moon tarot – so of course I wanted to try it out. The little white book that accompanies the deck leaves much to be desired, in my opinion, which was disappointing. However, the deck itself is the perfect size for my hands (yay!) and I really enjoy the illustrations, as well as the lovely lettering (and keywords) on the cards.

I don’t have any particular needs or questions right now, so I wanted to choose a spread that was self-reflective. I came across a lovely Sacred Mandala spread from Biddy Tarot, so I chose to use that one.

  1. The Self – You in your current state and your totality of being.
  2. Ambitions and Desires – Your instinctual urges and material cravings such as sexuality, lust, and fulfillment of your basic needs.
  3. Ideals and Aspirations – Your deeper urges and desires including your dreams, ideals, and those things that offer spiritual fulfillment.
  4. Actual Endeavours – Those endeavours you actually choose to pursue in the real world, including your career, hobbies, and day-to-day life.
  5. Dependencies and Addictions – Unhealthy attachments that impede your spiritual progress and the fulfillment of your dreams.
  6. Strengths – Your strong points and the best aspects of your character.
  7. Faults and Weaknesses – Your shortcomings and faults. Those areas in your life which need improvement.
  8. Self Perception – Your own self-image and your opinion of yourself.
  9. Deepest Desires and Fulfillment – Your deepest desires which you believe would offer the most fulfillment. An integrating card.
Sacred Mandala spread using the Sun and Moon Tarot

Sacred Mandala spread using the Sun and Moon Tarot

The Self – The Devil
Wow, wasn’t expecting this card. I’m the devil? Letting myself be chained, pulled in too many directions. Need for better focus, to make sure I’m seeing the whole truth in things. Forever confronting my inner demons. Argh.

Ambitions and Desires – The Empress
Pursuing the feminine divine, ah yes. So much. To be in able to harness and control my feminine strength; this IS what I desire.

Ideals and Aspirations – Death/Rebirth
Ha. Well, yeah. Kinda, particularly accurate for me these days. Seeking rebirth because I just feel stagnant and stuck in the mud. Seeking that fiery rebirth of a phoenix.

Actual Endeavours – The Heirophant
Always seeking wisdom and knowledge. Always.

Dependencies and Addictions – Eight of Wands (swiftness)
Tis true; I can be impatient. I like when things move along swiftly and directly toward their targets. I guess that’s not always good? Maybe I tend to act TOO quickly. Argh.

Strengths – Four of Swords (truce)
Sun and Moon says: “Jupiter in Libra. Balance. To negotiate and to solve problems.” Why yes, yes. That is me and I am good with that.

Faults and Weaknesses – King of Pentacles
Er, I guess this means I’m bad at having confidence and stuff? Or I’m over-confident? Hmm…

Self Perception – The Lovers
A woman in the throes of love? :D

Deepest Desires and Fulfillment – Two of Swords (peace)
Peace. I couldn’t have said it better myself. “Moon in Libra. Repose, meditative spirit. Closed yoga pose shows avoidance of communication, the need for inner balance.” Yes, please.


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