What’s My Problem?

This blog of mine has got to be the most boring thing to read. Well, that’s certainly on my list of “shit in my life that needs improving.” Look, my life doesn’t suck, but there’s something that’s just throwing a lot of things off-kilter for me, and goddamnit I want my real self back. So, here we are again (is anyone else noticing a pattern here?).  I used Wildwood this time, and since I can’t get decent images of these cards without significant effort (see card 1 in my reading below), I’ll illustrate with Dream Enchantress, which is frickin amazingly gorgeous. (Oh, and I found this spread here.)

Dream Enchantress tarot

Click to make bigger and admire the glorious beauty of these cards!

1. What is the problem?
Four of Vessels – Boredom (4/C)
Lethargy, boredom, disenchantment. I’m feeling especially uninspired and nothing seems to inspire me. I can’t drum up a spark of passion for anything lately.

2. How do I feel about it?
Seven of Bows – Clearance (7/W)
I feel like it’s time to figure out what I need and want in my life. Make some decisions and set my priorities. Well, this is precisely why I’m even doing this reading, so yes, spot on.

3. What is the root of the problem?
XVI The Blasted Oak (Tower)
Crap’s just happening all around me, tossing me around like a frickin ragdoll. I’m too busy putting out fires at the moment to have any energy left for passionate pursuits!

4. What can help to solve it?
Two of Arrows – Injustice (2/S)
Ermhrm. Injustice is going to solve my problem, is it? Am I supposed to unjustly throw all these fires onto someone else’s shoulders, and leave them to put them out? Erm… Let’s go with my usual interpretation of Two of Swords (instead of reading the keyword), and say I need to balance my emotions and weigh my options through intuition.

Clarifiers: Page of Bows – Stoat, Knight of Stones – Horse
Engage in some things that you enjoy and take pleasure in them! Hmmm… okay.

5. What can make it worse?
XI The Woodward (Strength)
Aha! Very interesting. If this were a different deck, XI would be Justice, and wouldn’t THAT be a funny reading. Also interesting, however, that my Strength card shows up in the “don’t do this” position. So this time I’m not supposed to rely on my inner strength and calm to resolve this situation, because it won’t work. That’s actually kind of a relief, because I agree.

6. What comes next.
Four of Stones – Protection (4/P)
Out of this situation will grow my own inner place of protection. A private sanctuary of peace and emotional safety. Whew~.

7. What can I learn from this?
Knight of Arrows – Hawk (Kn/S)
The clear-sightedness to more quickly solve problems in the future. Well, that sounds great. At almost 30, I kinda hoped I’d already *be* this developed by now.


2 thoughts on “What’s My Problem?

  1. I know the feeling. This post really spoke to me. I feel as though I am living in some kind of alternate universe. I have absolutely no idea what time it is, or what day it is most of the time. Thanks for the inspiration. I may try this spread today.

    • You know, sometimes I wonder whether or not to post these readings publicly, so it’s nice to know that it touched someone.

      I hope this spread helps you, too, and I hope you find some relief.


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