Interesting Tarot Kickstarter Projects

So lately I’ve been backing a lot of projects on Kickstarter, which has been fun, but also somewhat hellish for my bank account. Still, I can’t help but browse on that site, and of course I want to back more tarot decks! So far, I’ve only backed the Darkana deck, because I knew him through twitter and wanted to show some support. I haven’t received the deck yet, but I’m anxious to see it in person.

Currently, I’m watching several tarot projects. I have to be more choosy with my backing these days, but these all seem interesting. Click the images to visit their Kickstarter pages.


The Collective Tarot: Round III - Kickstarter Project

The Collective Tarot is a deck self-published by a core group of 5 people, but comprises art from 25 different artists. The art styles are quite intriguing, and I’d really like to get my hands on a copy of this one. At this rate, it looks like the project will definitely get funded. Pledge 30 bucks toward this print run and they’ll send you a deck. I’m so, so tempted.


The Symbolist Tarot - Kickstarter Project

The Symbolist Tarot deck is uses paintings from the Symbolist art moment. I agree with the project creator, that these paintings look great as tarot cards. Unfortunately, this project doesn’t yet seem to have gotten the publicity it needs to push forward with more funding. I hope it gets more exposure. Only $18 will get you one of these decks.


The New Tarot - Kickstarter Project

The New Tarot is a project that seeks to expand upon the original tarot. This deck is 77 cards that continue forward with the Fool’s journey, using new suits (keys, chains, masks, and tomes). “Just as the traditional Minor Arcana represent the fundamental tools that must be mastered in order to achieve self-knowledge, the Minor Arcana of the New Tarot represent the (somewhat more complex) tools that must be mastered in order to achieve worldly success.” I am so curious about this one, but I haven’t pledged yet. A $25 pledge will get you a copy of the deck.


The Chibi Tarot - Kickstarter Project

The Chibi Tarot is a Majors-only deck that utilizes the chibi art style, focusing on easy-to-read symbolism. It’s also being promoted as a great learning deck for kids. It seems like something that would be just my style (I’m a huge fan of anime), but everything is just slightly off for me. At $25 for majors only, I just can’t bring myself to do it. We’ll see what happens, though, as its deadline approaches.


Archetypes Tarot - Kickstarter Project

The Archetypes Tarot project is a personal art project for Aimee, the project creator. The image for each card is created by taking the original archetypes and placing them into modern day settings. She seems to be taking a mixed media approach, which I support, and so far the cards have a rather dark/grungy feel. This seems like another one that needs more exposure, because her goal is totally reachable. Perhaps the only issue lies in the pledge levels. You’ll have to shell out $65 to get your own copy of the deck. Harrumph!


2 thoughts on “Interesting Tarot Kickstarter Projects

  1. Thanks for listing my Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, I started my campaign Memorial Day weekend so the momentum was slow because of this. I did manage to raise 10% of my goal in the first 3 days. I hope all of these great projects fund.

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