(Unfinished) Tarot Decks I Want Badly

AEDICULA ARCANORUM, by Reinhard Schmid


I first saw The Moon and absolutely fell in love. It’s been my desktop wallpaper for a long time now. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t plan to publish this any time soon. Man, I’d probably buy a deck of just the Major Arcana, even though I prefer to have the whole 78-card deck usually. What I wouldn’t give for an entire deck like this! (See the entire gallery.)


Untitled Deck, by Mark Simmons

Strength, by Mark Simmons  Death, by Mark Simmons  Devil, by Mark Simmons

The first I saw was Death and the colors drew me in something fierce. I love the painterly quality of the illustrations, and I really could just stare at Death for days. I also like that the Devil has goaty pupils. I wish he’d do more, but apparently tarot isn’t his focus. (See more of his work.)


Untitled Deck, by Joanna (aka Rainbow of Crazy)

Ace of Pentacles, by Joanna (Rainbow of Crazy)  The Lovers, by Joanna (Rainbow of Crazy)  The Moon, by Joanna (Rainbow of Crazy)

I can’t remember how I first found this deck (maybe searching for “tarot” on Etsy?), but as soon as I saw The Lovers, I knew I wanted this deck. I was reunited with this artist again today, randomly searching “tarot” on wordpress, when I came upon her post for the Ace of Pentacles card. Isn’t it just perfect and gorgeous?! I really hope she finished this deck, so I can buy it. And by now, she probably thinks I’m some sort of stalker. I swear, I’m just in love with her art! Very much so! (See more on her blog and her Etsy shop!)


6 thoughts on “(Unfinished) Tarot Decks I Want Badly

  1. Thank you SO much for including my tarot art! I’m amaazed to be next to such incredibly talented artists. Ohmygosh! I’m definitely hoping to join the Finished Tarot Deck family someday (: (And no, I don’t think you’re a stalker! lol)

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