Choosing and Changing

In an effort to locate the impossible ledge I’m on, of course, I ask the tarot. I found a great spread for this in the latest TABI Tracker newsletter, and they call it The Changes Spread.

Mary-El Tarot, cropped for visualization.

1. In which area does there need to be change? – Knight of Wands

2. How can I address this? – Two of Swords

3. What action needs to be taken? – The Moon

4. What should I avoid? – The Emperor

5. What can help me with this change? – Two of Pentacles

6. How does this change fit in with my life now? – Seven of Pentacles

7. What are the benefits of this change? – The Magician

So. Well. Whoa. This spread spoke so loudly to me, and so quickly, that it was almost a slap in the face. My (revealing, yet somewhat vague) interpretation under the cut.

My libido needs to change. (Well, it’s true. Mine’s gone almost completely missing, which makes me sad.) I can address this by facing the challenge and deciding what I want (sex). I need to trust my feminine intuition and avoid trying to set or follow too many rules and boundaries. It’ll help if I choose how I want things to be and envision them being that way. This change fits in with my life now because it helps me to become the artist of my own destiny (which is something I want and am beginning to work toward). The benefits of this change are that my muse will return, as will the other things my soul has been aching for lately. Sounds promising!



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