Meeting with Queens

Browsing the archives at Tarot Elements recently, I came upon this post by Johanne about individuation with the tarot queens, and it was so right up my alley. Combining Jung with tarot – and specifically queens – is something I couldn’t resist!

Johanne takes Jung’s four different function types (thinking, feeling, intuition, sensation) and marries them to their corresponding tarot suits. Thinking = Swords, Feeling = Wands, Sensation = Pentacles, and Intuition = Cups. Then, a spread with the four queens, placing the random card in the middle, asking “What do I need to integrate in my life, on my path towards individuation?”. I drew the Four of Wands.

In an attempt to delve deeper into my tarot cards lately, I’ve been fond of the idea of cropping the borders off so that I can more clearly see all of the images next to one another. I tried it with this reading and it was so much better! I love the way the Queen of Swords image bleeds right into the 4 of Wands.

Individuation with Queens - Mary-El Tarot

What is the intellectual and logical Queen of Swords seeing? (left)
You are strong and stable, through and through. Don’t let yourself be consumed by emotion – THINK.

What is the fiery, spontaneous response of the Queen of Wands? (right)
Next time you start to worry, let that shit roll off your back instead. Relaxing is so much better.

How can the deep intuition of the Queen of Cups guide me? (top)
You are stronger than the chaos around you. Trust yourself to know what is best for you.

How can the Queen of Pentacles help me patiently see the message that’s right under my nose? (bottom)
Ground yourself, and stand tall in your stability. Allow the fires and the sunsets to illuminate your true strength.


And by knowing my Jung archetype – which is INTJ (yes, I just took the quiz again to confirm) – I can determine that I resemble the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Swords. The post suggests that I can tell which one is stronger in me, based on the percentages in my quiz results. I snicker, because mine are exactly the same. Equally logical and intuitive (pretty accurate, in my opinion).


Next, Johanne instructs me to see which queen has the lowest percentages, because she is the opposite of how I see myself. Ironically, that would point right back at both the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Swords again. Why do things like this happen to me so often? It really seems as if I do not know myself so well anymore. I’ve had that feeling for a while anyway. It feels like in the past year I’ve totally lost myself. At least the cards agree, and can urge me back toward myself again.


5 thoughts on “Meeting with Queens

  1. Cool spread! I will have to take this one for a spin. Though, I don’t understand how you can resemble the QS and QC if they are your lowest percentages – ? Still don’t have my copy of the Mary El – it’s $40 here (just burns me :()!!

    • I think I resemble those queens because they’re the N and T in my INTJ. It’s just the irony of me that they’re also my lowest percentages. Har.

      Yeah, I pre-ordered the Mary-El from Amazon for like $27, and after waiting ages, they were finally ready to ship my order! Only problem, my card had expired in the mean time, and it wouldn’t let me update it to a new card. They told me I had to cancel my order and re-place it, which would mean I’d be waiting MORE weeks for back orders.

      So, I said EFF Amazon, and ordered straight from Marie herself. Which cost me almost $50 with shipping. -_- But, I figured it was worth it because all the money would go straight to her. I still had to wait a few weeks. Argh.

      • Fukkit. If I’m going to overpay Amazon, I should rather cough up a little extra and send the money Marie’s way.

        I was INTJ until around 30, when I drifted over to the INTP side. Just taken the test 3 times in a row (different tests) and I keep coming up INTJ!! WTH.

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