Four Faces

Lately, I’ve been worrying about my relationship a lot. It seems silly, especially considering the fact that we got married four months ago. But I can tell that things feel different now than they did in the past, and I worry that my tendency toward emo-weeping sometimes might be causing friction. So, you see, I make myself worry unnecessarily, and then I worry that my unnecessary worrying will cause him to dislike me. Augh! So ridiculous.

Anyway, I decided I needed to do a tarot reading about it. I found a great spread in this list from Tarosophy and pulled out my Wildwood deck.

First, I shuffled the court cards and set out two to represent me and Darling. Next, I shuffled the minor arcana and pulled two cards to represent the past I am coming from, and the past he is coming from. Then, I pulled two more minor arcana to represent the future each of us is moving into through this relationship. Last, I shuffled the major arcana and pulled a card to represent the archetypal nature of our relationship.

Two of Arrows, Knight of Arrows, Nine of Bows

Two of Arrows (my past), Knight of Arrows (me), Nine of Bows (my future) – Wildwood Tarot

Right away I see that the Knight of Arrows represents the me that should be (not the weeping, worrying nonsense). Graceful, clear-sighted, sharp-eyed toward goals. I’m pretty sure I sighed audibly when I saw the Two of Arrows showing up as my past. It’s true, really. But, like, shouldn’t I be moving past that by now? Oh… oh, hey, look at my future over there with the Nine of Bows. Respect, on so many levels. Wildwood gave me such good advice, saying “learn to acknowledge past failures and defeats without bitterness or self-torment, and move forward through life with a positive outlook and wisdom gathered through struggle.” It’s funny, because that IS me already, and that is the me that Darling fell in love with. Somehow I’ve gotten distracted by worry and let it consume me. Thank you, Wildwood, for reminding me of the person I am and should continue to be.

Three of Bows, King of Bows, Five of Arrows (Wildwood Tarot)

Three of Bows (his future), King of Bows (him), Five of Arrows (his past) – Wildwood tarot

Oh, my darling husband. The King of Bows, full of maturity, resolve, talent, and integrity, represents him so well. I’m pretty sure I also sighed audibly upon seeing the Five of Arrows as his past, because again, it’s so true. He spent so much of his life being frustrated by things (and often by a lack of perfection). He has incredibly high standards, but it leads him to be frustrated so much of the time. My goal has always been to ease his frustration and to encourage him in the things that help him to feel fulfilled. Ding! Ding-ding! It appears as though his future lies with the Three of Bows and Fulfillment. Beautiful. And, another reminder of my purpose as his wife.

So, what about the “nature of our relationship”?

8 The Stag - Wildwood tarot

8 The Stag – Wildwood tarot

The Stag. Normally I attribute 8 to Strength, but I believe Wildwood sees it more as a Justice card. Together, and through our relationship, we seek and obtain justice. As long as we continue with the morals, goals, and integrity with which our relationship started, I believe this is a very positive and powerful card for us.

Side Note: I also find it very interesting that it’s only Bows and Arrows in this reading! I’ve got two arrows and one bow; he’s got two bows and one arrow. I guess that means he and I balance each other well, with all our air and fire. :)



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