Personal Reading for March 2012

I haven’t been doing as much tarot lately, and I feel like the spread I’ve been using for my monthly reading has grown stale. This time I’m changing things up, in an attempt to make this more meaningful for me.

For March, I asked the cards:

  1. What do I need to learn this month?
  2. What lesson do I carry with me from last month?
  3. What can I rejoice in?
  4. What should I be careful with?
  5. Where should I focus my energy?

It might not be a perfect spread, but I aim for it to show me a fresh perspective, to help pulse some energy into me.

Ace of Swords - joie de vivre tarot  Queen of Cups - joie de vivre tarot Knight of Swords - joie de vivre tarot  The Magician - joie de vivre tarot  VII The Chariot - joie de vivre tarot

Wow, really! First, I love that the lesson I carry over from last month is emotional balance, because it’s so right on! I often see my husband as the Knight of Swords, so seeing him here — and in the rejoice position — makes me so happy! I also find it hilarious that Joie de Vivre punctuates The Chariot with the word “focus”; so I should focus my energy on focusing! But no, I get it, and I think it’s important – especially if this month’s lesson is about achievement and fortitude (and so seeing The Magician in the “avoid this” category seems awfully appropriate, no?). Indeed!



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