Personal Reading for February 2012

Well, what’s in store for me in February 2012? Following last month’s theme, I’ll use the same method to calculate my month card. Looks like this month’s card is 13 – Death! Oh my. [Illustrated by Goddess Tarot.]

So, year and month for February 2012: XI Justice and XIII Death.
I’m in for a well-deserved transformation this month. Bring it!

XI Justice - Goddess Tarot       XIII Death - Goddess Tarot

And my reading for February; one card for each week.

XI Justice - Goddess Tarot  Princess of Swords (P/S) - Goddess Tarot  Prince of Cups (Kn/C) - Goddess Tarot  Princess of Staves (P/W) - Goddess Tarot  IX The Hermit - Goddess Tarot

Week 1: XI Justice
In combination with 7 Cups from my final January week, Justice is interesting. Looks like I’ll need to make choices carefully.

Week 2: Page of Swords
This week I’ll need to remember not to be too reckless, but take stock of my surroundings before plunging forward.

Week 3: Knight of Cups
Ooh, will I finally be getting a better handle on my emotions? This week will be a good time to sort my feelings.

Week 4: Page of Wands
Passion, courage, and creativity will be at the forefront this week.

Week 5: IX The Hermit
And after all the growth and healing, some self reflection. Maybe this time it’ll stick. ;)



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