January 2012 – Year and Month Cards!

I love that 2012 is starting on a Sunday. It’s like a brand new, fresh start, right from the beginning. I’m going to do my usual monthly reading, but slightly differently. I want to take it one step further and look at my 2012 Year Card and my personal month card for January 2012.


To calculate your year card, just add up your birth month + birth date + the year in question, so that you get a base number. Then add the digits of the base number together, until you reach a number under 22 (which corresponds to the Major Arcana). My birthday is September 24, so my year card for 2012 will be calculated as follows.

9 + 24 + 2012 = 2045 and then 2 + 0 + 4 + 5 = 11

So my 2012 Year Card is Justice.

To calculate your personal month card, add your birth month, birth date, current month, and current year, and reduce down to a number under 22.

9 + 24 + 1 + 2012 = 2046 … … 2 + 0 + 4 + 6 = 12

So my personal card for January 2012 is The Hanged Man.

XI Justice     XII The Hanged Man

I’ve already got two cards telling me about the upcoming month, even if the year card goes much beyond January. A year of Justice means I’ll be reaping from my previous years. Learning balance, learning how to receive (accept) the justice that may be due to me. A month of The Hanged Man tells me I’m in for a lot of surrender. Just let go, hang in there, and accept. This card, coupled with Justice, feels rather ominous. I also find this hilariously coincidental to some of the important cards derived by my birth name. ;D


I also want my monthly readings to better encompass all of the time within the month. I’ll do one card for each week, even if the entire week overlaps with another month. During those weeks, cards drawn for both months will apply (hope that makes sense).

My five card reading for January 2012, continuing with Joie de Vivre.

Nine of Cups - joie de vivre tarot   XVI The Tower - joie de vivre tarot   Six of Coins (6/P) - joie de vivre tarot   King of Cups - joie de vivre tarot   Seven of Cups - joie de vivre tarot

Week 1: Nine of Cups
Happiness! Enjoying the richness of life that surrounds me. And hopefully a deeper solidification of the lesson I’ve been learning: enjoy your life! Bask in the happy, lovely things that surround you and stop dwelling on the negative. “The manifestation of true happiness begins with the mind.”

Week 2: The Tower
Release! Here is my chance to put thoughts and plans into action. Things might go wrong, but it’s here that I get an opportunity to be free and remember that I don’t have to let the bad things drag me down with them.

Week 3: Six of Coins
Sharing! I love this card. Every time I see it, it just makes me giddy inside. One of my favorite things is sharing goodies, and things that create happiness, with others. This week provides me with a chance to do just that.

Week 4: King of Cups
Healing! When I first looked at the card, I immediately thought “actualization” and felt a sense of calm relief. I’ve been learning how to find joy again, and I’ve been learning how to relax — the King of Cups tells me that the lessons are finally sinking in! Now is the time to hug that healing close to me and cherish it.

Week 5: Seven of Cups
Too many choices! I say, this week I will need to remember not to become distracted. Just because opportunities arise, doesn’t mean they need to be acted upon.

So many cups this month! Looking at all of the cards together, it really does look like The Hanged Man belongs there too. Looming over me all month long. Reminding me to surrender. And each week card promises me that things will be much better if I do surrender and just experience things with more joie de vivre. ;)



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