A Few Quick Ones

Inspired again by the princess and the sea, I’ve decided to do a few quick personal readings. Since this past year has been so weird and different for me, I’m feeling as if I don’t know myself as well as I should right now. I hope that the Cards can help enlighten me.


1. How am I different?Two of Pentacles
2. How do I conform?Death

Two of Spheres (2/P) - Winged Spirit Tarot   XIII Death - Winged Spirit Tarot

Er, really? Okay, so I’m different in that I need to balance everything all the time. I think about things too much, weighing every possible option. Yeah, well. So I conform with Death? What kind of sense does that make? I feel the need to change myself based on what’s happening around me? Well, that’s kind of lame. Hrm. [Illustrated with Winged Spirit tarot.]


Moving on, I’ll do the Know Thyself spread (it is advised to only do this spread once every 8 weeks).

1. Who am I?The Star
2. What do I need?Seven of Wands
3. How will I get it?Strength

XVII The Star - Durer Tarot   Seven of Wands- Durer Tarot   VIII Strength - Durer Tarot

Haha! I was expecting Strength to show up as card 1, since it’s *my* card. First time I’ve been called the Star, though! It’s a reassuring feeling, though, because I do try to focus on trust, tranquility, and renewal. So apparently what I need is some competition. Hilariously, I drew this with Joie de Vivre, and instantly recognized that what I need is some prodding! Naturally, I get most things I need with that damn Strength card. I’ve got to use my gentle compassion and wait patiently to be prodded into action, eh? Well, if you insist! ;) [Illustrated with Durer tarot.]


One last quickie, thanks to the Aeclectic Tarot forums.

1. Who have I been? – The Heirophant
2. Who am I? – Ten of Cups
3. Who am I becoming? – Justice

V The Heirophant - Llewellyn Tarot   Ten of Cups - Llewellyn Tarot   XI Justice - Llewellyn Tarot

Well, in the past I certainly have been a Heirophant in a number of ways. I was a devoted Christian as a child/teen. As I grew older, my devotion turned more toward a high regard for following rules (not necessarily religious ones). You have no idea how much I was giggling at the Ten of Cups! Right now, my life is so Ten of Cups it’s unbelievable! I think the tarot just needs to keep reminding me of that so I’ll stop being so sullen. And when I flipped that Justice card over… my year card for 2012 is Justice. I couldn’t be happier. Balance is what I seek, forever and ever. [Illustrated with Llewelyn tarot.]


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