Sleeping Beauty

In the most recent Tarot Town newsletter, they did a fun little piece at the end. The polled hundreds of tarot readers, asking which 2 cards they’d want to see before deciding to buy a deck. The results: High Priestess and Death. So with this knowledge, they introduced a technique called “sleeping beauty”.

“Think about your year past, and your hopes for next year. Shuffle your deck. Turn it face up. Carefully go through the cards and find the High Priestess card. The two cards either side of this card show you where you are presently sleeping. These are the aspects of your life that are repressed or hidden. Then find the Death card. the two cards either side of this card show you how you can wake up.”

So, of course I grabbed the closest deck (Joie de Vivre) and did just that!

Page of Wands - joie de vivre tarot   II The High Priestess - joie de vivre tarot   XV The Devil - joie de vivre tarot

Page of Wands – Adventure, confidence, creativity, initiative, education.
XV The Devil – Illusion, temptation, ambition, willpower, enlightenment.

Could these cards be any more accurate? I feel like I have been sleeping in so many of these areas, and it’s been frustrating me all year. Usually I’m in full glory this time of year – baking, wrapping gifts, relishing in the joys of the holiday season. This year? Nothing.

Please, please show me how I can wake up!

X The Wheel - joie de vivre tarot   XIII Death - joie de vivre tarot   Ten of Coins - joie de vivre tarot

X The Wheel – Change, revolution, movement, cycles, fortune.
“Everything is in motion and in a state of constant change, and your actions have a direct correlation to what happens in the future. Seek and recognize the cycles and patterns of life, for every turning point effects a personal transformation in circumstance and perspective. In the midst of unstoppable change, opportunities will present themselves for a limited time — take action in that moment so as not to lose out on lucky chances that spin your way. You are the creator of your own luck, and follower of your own destiny.”

Ten of Coins – Achievement, fulfillment, abundance, celebration, health.
”Through the balance of material and spiritual abundance, tasks shall become fluent and rewarding. Have faith in yourself and in the achievements in your lifepath. By connecting to your heart’s aspirations, the results will be healing and enriching. The divine power within is always in search of obtaining the highest attunement of joy and inner-peace. Take time to acknowledge the beauty and blessings around and within you.”

The pattern could not be any more clear. I need to regain my positive outlook (how did I lose it to begin with?) and my take-charge attitude, else I’ll never get out of this damned, sucky murk.


I can’t help recognizing that this is a living metaphor for my entire 2011. So much of me has been sleeping, both physically and figuratively. Early in the year I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. I’ve spent a lot of my time this year sleeping. Even as I am recovering and not sleeping all day long anymore, my treatment is still very much grounded in sleep. Did all of my passions fall asleep along with me? I’ve been watching myself falling further and further from so many of my passions this year, and it makes me sad. I ask my husband “What happened? Why am I not baking every other night like I used to? Why don’t I care about the holidays this year?” He tells me I’m too stressed out and all my energy is sapped. Sleeping.

I also find it amusing that grasping The Wheel is how I’m supposed to awaken. 2011 was my Year of The Wheel! How much more Wheel can I take? Obviously I need more, eh? Ten of Coins needs to be thrown in my face, though. My life is frickin amazing right now (great job, amazing husband, etc.), aside from the lack of passion. As soon as my passion returns, I think I might just explode in ecstasy, because I am so, so blessed to begin with.



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