The Moon

The Moon

I was with several girl friends. One was L, a girl I spent a lot of time with senior year in high school. The rest were nameless, faceless, but present. We were walking along a dark path (it seems to be dark/nighttime a lot in my dreams). Amidst the chit-chat, we turned around to look at the moon, and then we marveled. “You can see all of them tonight!” we said. And there they all were. First the large crescent, bright and powerful. The second, angled below the first, a bright waxing, almost full. And surprisingly (to us, at the time), the third. Smaller and dimmer, high above the others, and off to the left. Waning, but visible.

I began looking for my camera so that I can take a picture of this magical occasion. I don’t believe I ever got the chance. A pressing need surfaced, and we realized that things were not as they seemed at our destination. Our journey became one of purpose, testing our skill and wit. Though we moved on through various corridors and obstacles with determination, we never felt seriously threatened. We were powerful, but so comfortable in it that we didn’t even notice.

Around one final corner came a tricky obstacle. If we ventured too far out into the room, a fiendish girl down the intersecting corridor would come after us, blinded by a desire to kill (yet she would turn back, as long as we turned back too). What we needed was down the corridor across the room. Each time we ventured into the room, confidently, we quickly turned back, deterred by the fiendish girl. It became me alone, who continued to strive toward our objective. The rest of the girl were lost, arguing with each other about how to proceed.

Alas, I woke up, neither reaching the goal, nor joining the arguing friends.



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