Dreams of Subterfuge

I was at a gathering, perhaps a conference of sorts. There seemed to be two groups of people filtering through the general masses. One thread was composed of people who were asserting themselves as spiritual. Mythics. Feminine powers. We were in tune with the universe and with the energies surrounding us. Interestingly, I was spending much of my time with V, a girl I grew up with, but haven’t spoken to in several years. There seemed to be a lot of intrigue and talk circulating about a recent body modification my friend Eris Hilton had received. It was almost like a tattoo, but it wasn’t ink; her skin had formed a symbol. It was on the inside of one of her fingers and it looked like a stylized vulva symbol. It was very pretty.

The other vein working its way through the masses was composed of evil energies. These people were there to stop us, but they were trying to do it subtly, without us figuring out that they were there. V and I encountered an “evil” woman who “recognized us for what we were” and said that our friendship was evil. We tried to explain that we’d been friends since birth, and we hadn’t become friends because of whatever-it-is that she thought, but she didn’t listen, and was dragging us off somewhere.


[At this point my alarm went off. I snoozed, fell back asleep, and “continued” the dream…]


Darling and I walked down into a lower level of the complex, where there were work rooms and labs and things. We were looking around, searching for something, when we encountered a room full of people in white jumpsuits, holding tri-corders (too much Star Trek before bed?). One of them got out of the room somehow and scanned us. She said that we were bad and that we needed to let the rest of them out of the room because everyone needed to be analyzed.

Things started spinning out of control. The Analyzers got loose (apparently they had been locked up because they were malfunctioning), and the authorities were suddenly on their side. Amidst all the chaos, Darling and I quickly-but-stealthily made our way to the exit, planning to seal off the entire level.


Common themes: Others think I’m evil and seek to “fix” me; Subterfuge (on both accounts?); The need to escape.

Interesting notes: A friend got me into the predicament, but Darling got me out of it, and to safety.



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