Seeking Strength

VIII Strength

Strength. My first name draws its meaning from Strength. The card of my birth is Strength. My sun is in Libra, and I am forever seeking balance, and Strength… Strength… Strength is my fortitude and Strength is my never-ending circle of seeking.

In every divination, in every Card that speaks to me of what I should do, I am reminded that at my core is a circle of freaking strength. Often I am frustrated by this. I need to know HOW. I need to know WITH WHAT. I need to know MORE than STRENGTH IS YOU AND WITHIN YOU AND YOU ARE STRENGTH.

But it is all I get. And it is what I need. And it is what I so desperately, sincerely seek.

And now, as I try again to channel strength from my core into my other half (my Darling), I have realized the depth of my need to be grounded and centered and complete in my own self. In my own strength.

And it is now that I have fully recognized that it is in my own seeking that I will become whole. That my circle will be complete.



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