Wandering the Wildwood

Wildwood TarotThe Wildwood Tarot. I bought this deck recently, upon seeing how much praise and anticipation it has received. I obtained it so that I could use it for a special reading, and it was very powerful. Since that time, I have studied the deck and compared it to other decks I own. I was surprised to realize the I actually prefer the images in this deck (for the most part) instead of others. The fact is that I am having trouble wrangling in my feelings about this one.

The deck, quite plainly, is a challenge.

The thing is, I have small hands. Just holding this deck is difficult for me, let alone trying to shuffle it or deal out cards from it. Then there’s the fact that the deck is anything but typical. It has different names for each suit, different names for each of the Major Arcana, and each court card is represented by an animal. Since I am still rather new to tarot, one can see why these changes would be a challenge for me. However…

The deck is just so damn accurate and so freaking profound.

I can feel the power as I work with these cards. Each time I flip a card over, the message is so deep, so profound, that I have to take a deep breath. It’s like I’m involuntarily practicing my yoga breathing while reading tarot! The deck is freaking amazing.

So, do I continue to use it despite the added challenges? Or do I go for a more comfortable deck that doesn’t leave me quite as winded?



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