The Love of a Crystal


Ever since I first learned about crystals (ironically, it was my mother telling me how they’re used for “evil”), I have been entranced by them. I bought my first crystal at the tender age of 13. A large, beautiful amethyst (with a curious duck carved into the top) that I found in a small Mexican flea market. I wore it around my neck on special, far-between occasions. It wasn’t until almost ten years later when I began to wear it very regularly. When I lost that crystal (it fell out of its mounting or whatever you call it), I was quite saddened.

A few years ago I took a geology class that served to reignite my love of crystals. I learned of minerals, their properties, their natural formations and where they are typically found. I learned their chemical formulas, their crystals structures, their hardness, their varieties. I was in love. I was enthralled. Quartz quickly became my preference. It is not only one of the most abundant minerals on earth, but it has several beautiful varieties, grows in so many sizes (due to its abundance), and it vibrates! That’s right. Quartz is piezoelectric, which means it will vibrate if put under the right stresses (like keeping time in your watch). How purely magical, yet so natural, that it makes my heart ache!

Mini Herkimer Diamond Solitaire, by Erica WeinerI fervently began seeking a replacement for my long lost amethyst. I cannot even tell you how many crystal pendants I have bought and that have failed me. They either turn out to be man-made, or they break, or they fall out of their mountings and I lose them. After a while, I stopped trying. I have one last crystal pendant – a tiny Brazilian quartz that I bought at a voodoo shop in New Orleans. I wear it very rarely and keep it safe. I have one other that fell out of its mounting, which I keep with my tarot cards for clean energy.

And all of this is why I gaze so happily down at my engagement ring. My fiance, who knows me so well, knows of my love for quartz and for raw, earthy, right-out-of-the-rock crystals (and my dislike of flashy jewelry). He got me the most beautiful, special, heartfelt engagement ring I could have ever asked for. A double-terminated quartz in a simple, sterling silver setting.



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